119. Repeating Patterns

I love how symmetrical this guy is!  I have never seen this moth in our butterfly house!  As I wandered through and saw this guy I was amazed by his size!  I think it is the largest moth I have ever seen!  Look at the intricate designs in his wings – beautiful!!




~ by Tammy on April 28, 2009.

26 Responses to “119. Repeating Patterns”

  1. Beautiful image of this guy! If I assume that is a tree he is on he really is HUGE! I haven’t commented in a few days but love your picture of your twins. They are too cute (I know – teenage boys aren’t cute!)

  2. It does make you wonder sometimes just how in nature certain things came by their shape, color and size. It makes sense that a moth or buttefly would try to mimic the look of a predator bird but just how did it first come upon that idea.

  3. This is magnificent. I’ve seen a few pic of butterflies during this challenge, but this one is breathtaking.

  4. FANTASTIC shot of this moth! You’ve captured such detail. I love his patterns and colors too. How big is he?

  5. Hi Chesney,
    That’s a beautiful Moth!! Great pattern in his wings! Have a great day!


  6. What a clever guy…he parked at a grey trunk;) Really nice colours and pattern! He´s really beautiful!

  7. Great job Tammy, I like his patterns a lot, how big was he actually? Our botannical gardens is having a butterfly house in May, I can’t wait.

  8. I agree, it’s just stunningly beautiful. The colors are amazing!

  9. You won’t do anything to make me like you will you?

  10. The symmetry is amazing and your photo is beautiful!

  11. Wow, this is such a nice shot! The moth has such beautiful coloring, and you captured it beautifully. Although, I do wonder what this beautiful moth has to do with the suggested post “I am NOT panicking.” Was it really THAT big? 😉

  12. beautiful moth! really like the colors.

  13. Wow is all I can say! That’s amazing!

  14. Beautiful creature. Your image is so detailed. You can see how furry he is.

  15. LOvely! You’ve even captured the little “feathers” in the antennae.

  16. Beautiful capture, Tammy! And look at his antennae! That feature is remarkable to me!

  17. Great shot. He is big. Great colors. Looks like a Navaho Indian Blanket Pattern.

  18. Wow, what a beautiful butterfly and a superb photo. So sharp and close, well done!

  19. The details are just perfect. Look at the tips of the wings too, you can see the dots!

  20. Wow! Very cool! Love the colors and you’ve captured such a bright, sharp image. Outstanding.

  21. Stunning creature! It’s an Attacus Atlas moth, supposed to be in southeast Asia, from southern China, Malay, Thailand to Indonesia. Wonder how it wound up there! No, I’m no expert. I looked it up! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attacus_atlas)

  22. Just beautiful! Nature is amazing.

  23. Amazing detail, pattern, and color. Love it!!

  24. Very cool image. Well captured.

  25. HOw lovely- so much detail in that little guy great eye

  26. Just beautiful! =)

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