118. Out to Lunch

Over the weekend we went out to lunch at one of my very favorite resturants – Panera Bread…Mmmmmmmmmmm!  Here is a picture of my favorite lunch – tomato soup w/ a half of chicken frontega sandwich and a french baguette!   I could eat here every day of the week (except my behind would definitely get bigger – LOL)!  Kinda a boring image, so I used the topaz filter to spice it up!



~ by Tammy on April 27, 2009.

18 Responses to “118. Out to Lunch”

  1. That looks wonderful and the topaz filter is very cool for it…

  2. The filter is great. It looks like a painting.

  3. Food with you, Booze with Karen, you Systers IS becoming Prediktable., I love tomato soup also.

  4. Hi Chesney,
    Looks really yummy! I love tomato soup! Have a great evening!


  5. Like a painting…Your lunch looks really good!

  6. I love Panera’s, too! Your lunch looks delicious and I like the effect of the filter.

  7. A delicious still life! Looks like a watercolor sketch.

  8. I really like the Topaz filter on this image. It makes it look like a drawing or a painting.

  9. Great job on the processing. This should hang in a Panera bread!

  10. Awesome effect–very creative

  11. Nice one Tammy, I had that new apple salad today for lunch, my Panera is within walking distance of work, (bad news, LOL) I like the filter and you didn’t even have to paint it. Great job.

  12. Very creative! You do what you have to do, and out comes a gorgeous pic!

  13. Fabulous composition, color and processing!

  14. Hey! We have a Panera Bread restaurant here and my lunch never looked this good! 😉

  15. The processing is amazing. I’ve been waffling about buying a topaz filter set over on the Village and now you’ve convinced me. This looks awesome!

  16. Composition and processing make for a super supper!

  17. THis is a great place for lunch and your processing is very cool!

  18. love the effect has a very artsy feel to it and um YUMMY!

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