117. Sandy

Can’t  you just imagine a lounge chair under this little palm with you in it sippin’ on a pina colada!  I wish!  It is raining cats and dogs here, so I was just dreaming……this was actually taken in our zoo’s desert dome, loved that pinky colored sand!



~ by Tammy on April 26, 2009.

20 Responses to “117. Sandy”

  1. Yes please…but I prefer a Caiprinha;) You must visit Brazil…the earth has a lovely red tone, sunshine and really tasty Caipirinhas.

  2. It looks like something out of a book. Fantastic shot!!

  3. Perfect theme photo.

  4. wow looks amazing what a great display!

  5. Hi Chesney,
    Looks like a great place to have a coke and a good book!! Have a great evening!!


  6. The sand and the palm are so cool, a nice shot!

  7. Superb shot! Love it…Would definitely frame and hang this on my wall!

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The sand is pink in Bermuda, but I don’t think the color is quite as rich.

  9. This looks to me like something from an aline planet!

  10. Make that “alien.”

  11. I was thinking Alien Planet too! Cool shot!

  12. I saw that scifi movie with Karen it’s what got us started on the Wild Turkey, spooky looking shot. I didn’t know you were on a first name basis with this dude.

  13. That is so beautiful. An absolutely amazing shot!!

  14. I love the perspective of this shot. It makes the tree look like a miniature tree – almost a tilt-shift image. Great shot.

  15. Oh, I thought you’d taken a little holiday and forgot to take us along! That shot is really cool – it does have an otherworldly effect…

  16. That is kinda cool, where is my chair?

  17. Meet you there, I’ll bring sunscreen and beer! Wonderful color…

  18. Kind of exotic. I like the plant shapes and their colors against the sand.

  19. Nice composition. Cool image.

  20. Very nice! You’re right – that pink is great! I wonderif that’s really a palm? Looks more like some kind of tall succulent! Very cool shot tho!

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