114. March to a Different Drummer

This guy didn’t look like any of the other ducks at the fish pond and definitely marched to a different drummer!



~ by Tammy on April 23, 2009.

18 Responses to “114. March to a Different Drummer”

  1. And he looks really happy, how cute!! 🙂

  2. Well, you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for any of those boring MALLARDS, would you?

    Nice catch for the theme…

  3. It looks like he just spotted something really tasty off camera and was in mid step when he saw it.

  4. It looks like he´s laughing! He´s on safe ground…thats why;)

  5. Hi Chesney,
    Great photo for the theme! He’s definitely different! Have a great evening!


  6. He must be a Nazi, He is Goose stepping, I din’t think you would associate with fascist fowls.

  7. He’s actually cute prancing around like that!!

    (I just left you a note on Bubbs’a photograph)

  8. LOL that’s so cute!!!! What a shot and unique interpretation! Love it!

  9. Super duper! I love the way he’s marching along and his markings are great.

  10. Love this – he’s one of a kind! Proud of it, too. Great find.

  11. Very cool duck. And he looks like he is marching. i wonder what kind he is.

  12. What a cool shot and an interesting duck, just look at those red feet and legs! He does look like he’s marching!

  13. LOL he is sort of a distant counsin to the ugly duckling, the black sheep, or some similar character. He sure has a great personality. Great job.

  14. This shot is so perfect for this theme! You gotta love a nonconformist, whatever the species!

  15. Very unusual duck! (Goose?) Love his magenta feet and how you captured him marching. EXCELLENT shot for the theme!!

  16. What a great capture! I love how you snapped him “high-stepping”.

  17. ugly duckling perhaps? I love the stepping action as well!

  18. hahaha he’s laughing, I’m laughing…great shot!

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