113. Moving

Although you can’t tell by the water, this duck was really moving fast to get away from those killer Koi!  That poor duck was being chased the whole time we watched him and it looked like the koi thought his feet were food!  Swim, duck, swim!  Kinda reminded me of Jaws (just needed the music)!  🙂

moving11When these koi got bored of harassing the duck, there were plenty more moving fish to take their  place…

moving2On a side note, thanks for all of the kind words regarding Bubba!    The people in this challenge are the best!


~ by Tammy on April 23, 2009.

15 Responses to “113. Moving”

  1. LOve the duck and koi photo. I am sure he didn’t like this big fish chasing him…maybe he saw a NatGeo about killer koi?

  2. Poor duck, he just wanted a stopping place and the next thing he knows he’s being muscled out of his hard earned territory.

    This is like the water version of the Godfather.

  3. Ducks on the run!!!! Cute photo!

  4. That’s quite a capture – maybe the duck *accidentally* ate the koi’s babies and the fish is attempting to exact revenge…

  5. Fun shot! I love koi! They’re a little like piranha, aren’t they? 😉

  6. The duck only had to move cause the Koi were’nt coy. great colour.

  7. Today must be duck day! Beautiful colors. I sure would hate to be chased by killer koi!

  8. Poor little duck…:(

  9. Poor guy being harassed by smaller folk!! great shots.

  10. Love all those colors and movement of the water but that poor little ducky! Ask Vicki about the theme from Jaws…..

  11. Koi, or colorful piranas? You’ve certainly captured the essence of the stalker there.

  12. Paddle harder little fella! Good catch on the action – I hope he managed to get out OK.

  13. What a fun capture! I love both of these lots of movement and wonderful color.

  14. Poor duck.. Love the colors and you have captured great movement in the water!

  15. That’s a lot of koi!!

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