111. Entrance

“C’mon in, head up the stairs and join me for a sun bath on the roof top patio”!  Caught this guy snoozing on his house!  He played hard with his friends and then went into his home for a bit  and then headed up to the roof for a nap!  He looked awful comfy to me!!



~ by Tammy on April 20, 2009.

20 Responses to “111. Entrance”

  1. That does look quite comfy. Good thing squirrels don’t move much while sleeping or he could roll right off that edge.

  2. I’ve never seen a squirrel sleeping! Good catch.

  3. First time for me too;) Amazing!

  4. Pretty good suntan too. Nice shot.

  5. squirrels are so cool…they can be infuriating one moment and entertaining the next. nice capture.

  6. This the first sleeping squirrel for me, too. This is so cute.

  7. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a squirrel sleeping. Nice catch!

  8. What a cool shot! I’ve never seen a squirrel sleep-they always seem to be constantly on the go.

  9. Wonderful shot, Tammy. It is a great interpertation of the theme. It is also about as cute as it gets.

  10. Wow – what a great shot! Like the others, I’ve never seen a squirrel in anything other than perpetual motion. Wonderful photo!

  11. What a hard life! 😉 He must have really been tuckered out not to have been awakened by you!

  12. A sleeping squirrel–how funny. Great shot.

  13. Hi Chesney,
    That’s a great photo!! Looks rather comfy too!! Have a great day!!


  14. Great shot AGAIN! 😉 The squirrel is so cute and you have done an excellent job!

  15. What a funny shot – my squirrels just run around, no snoozing that I’ve noticed.

  16. That squirrel has a penthouse apartment. Nice entrance – and great photo of the sleepy quirrel.

  17. As has been said this is such a wonderful capture. Add me to the never have seen one sleep list.

  18. That’s a riot!! Great find of this little guy chillin out!!

  19. Absolutely adorable! You didn’t drug him or anything to get this soht, did you?

  20. what a great catch! you have an amazing eye for these shots!!

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