109. Razor Sharp

Some of the cacti in the desert dome at the zoo are beginning to bloom (and others are past their prime).




~ by Tammy on April 18, 2009.

19 Responses to “109. Razor Sharp”

  1. Hi Chesney,
    Beautiful flowers for such a prickly plant! I love cactus! I would love to have like these to grow! Have a great evening!


  2. Wonderful DOF, don’t you love the contrast between the spines and the soft flowers. I love the light on the spines of the one with spent flowers.

  3. I like these photos – the cactus blooms are so bright and pretty and are great against the spines.

  4. Are cactus wonderfully photogenic??? Well done!

  5. Cactus offer such wonderful juxtaposition between the soft flower and sharp spines. Nice capture.

  6. Much like yourself Tammy anyone messing with them blossoms would soon get the point to – Back Off – Scary Stuff.

  7. Hey! Cool! These look very familiar to me! 😀
    Did you know they make jelly out of the prickly pear cactus (the one on top)? Hope they remove the thorns first!

  8. The yellow flower glows! Nice capture!

  9. Oh gosh, these are sooo pretty! Very creative shot!

  10. very pretty and I love how the bottom pic is full of mini “pineapples”…great shots!

  11. I love these shots! Amazing! 🙂

  12. Great color and detail. Cacti always have great texture.

  13. Both of these are fabulous!! Love the yellow with the textures and cactus colors.

  14. Ouch! They’re so beautiful and textural but oh so dangerous!
    Your shots are fantastic!

  15. Great shot for the theme. I wish my cactus out front would bloom, but it is kind of stuck and not growing either. Wonder what it needs?

  16. Razor sharp indeed! They are certainly well protected. Love the second shot especially with the interesting flowers…

  17. cool photos…we have some cactus growing near the shore (yes, even in New Jersey) but i have never seen them in bloom…beautiful flower.

  18. That cactus flower GLOWS!

  19. your flower shots are so colorful – I really need to find a place like that around here to shoot!

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