108. Shades of Gray

This turtle dove ( was just hanging out on my deck this morning, so I ran for the camera and actually got him (usually they fly off before I get back).   Even though these doves make a mess, I love watching them and love their “shades of gray”!

shadesofgrayCorrection:  Many of you corrected me, this is not a turtle dove, but a mourning dove!  I love watching birds, but don’t know much about them so THANKS!!


~ by Tammy on April 17, 2009.

17 Responses to “108. Shades of Gray”

  1. I like the way you caught him in mid-step like he’s marching off to some destination. Super background – perfect shot for shades of gray.

  2. That bird is either so happy to see you that it jumping about with excitement or it’s a mishapen crane standing on one leg. Great focus for a quicksnap shot.

  3. A wonderful photo! I love the colours and the beautiful light. Harmonious!

  4. Good idea for the theme. I, too, like how you caught him in midstep.

  5. Pretty bird — nice choice for “gray”.

  6. Gray can be such a lovely color. Like here.

  7. Perfect grey theme photo. This is a pretty dove.

  8. Great picture of the dove.

  9. The focus is perfect and I too love that you got it in mid-stride.

  10. I love how you caught the bird in midsteep!
    Great shot Tammy! 🙂

  11. Great detail and composition.

  12. You got back in time to snap this wonderful photograph. Great bokeh and composition.

  13. They’re called mourning doves here. Your photo captures him so well and love the framing and the bokeh. Great shot!

  14. very nice photo…i believe it is a mourning dove, though…great choice for the theme

  15. The greys here are lovely–like a pearl.

  16. Hey, nice shot. I am going with Greg though and saying this is a Morning Dove. They have such a lovely song too.

  17. beautiful catch!

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