107. Angel or Devil?

Meet my nephew Tanner…..he is quite the artist – this is his portrait of me (complete with the nose hairs and beard).  I think Ron’s influences have come all the way to Nebraska to help my “angel” nephew draw.  My nephew, the angel or devil, you decide…..:)



~ by Tammy on April 17, 2009.

17 Responses to “107. Angel or Devil?”

  1. I definately see Ron’s influence there – he’s drawing him over to his side, preying on the young and easily-influenced to do his mischief. It’s a super portrait and his charm just glows.

  2. Wow you get not one but two mustaches. That’s like some sort of super double extravaganza of mustache hair.

  3. Now listen I talked to the kid and told him not to pretty it up too much and he has ignored me, although the goatee is too good and his own idea. The ears are a bit diminished but I guess that is just to make you feel good. I don’t recall the moustache but hey if it’s there it’s there. That is a kid with talent and a great eye for detail, he will amount to something, if he is allowed to live.

  4. I knew Ron put him up to it….some serious bling with those earrings too.

  5. Too funny! I especially love the uni-brown! I can see Ron’s influence in this one, too. I love the innocent expression on his face!

  6. That does have the hand of Ron all over it, doesn’t it!? Your shot is great, Tammy. You really caught that impish glow in the artist’s eyes. Are you usually so..well, orange??

  7. LOL. Love the look on his face—devilish!

  8. Tanner can do no wrong with Aunt Tammy, that’s pretty obvious. I think you should make that portrait into your avatar… 😉

  9. I say devilish grin too, great shot, the lighting is fantastic. If Ron needs more influence Tanner will need an escort to Oz so…

  10. LOL Too funny…what a great shot! I think it’s time to repay the favour (all in good fun) and draw your nephew…hee hee

  11. I just LOVE the look on his face! – devilish! 😉

  12. Love that expression on his face.

  13. He looks like an angel with a devilish cute face!! He is definitely a budding artist. His portrait is very detailed all the way down to the nose hairs and beard!! Does he have a cell phone with Ron’s phone number programmed in it!!

  14. I agree….angel! Look at that face! I see he has artistic talent also!

  15. I love the background you did on this photo. I think it’s a toss-up between angel & devil though!!

  16. He looks like a devilish little angel to me. Are those by any chance freckles? 🙂

  17. oh that is very funny!!

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