104. Follow the Leader

As luck would have it, while we were in North Platte at my husbands parents for Easter (they live on a lake) the pelicans were coming through.  I was absolutely delighted, I only have seen these one other time.  I spent a lot of time trying to get some pictures, got a few worth keeping – but not many because the weather was not cooperating.  It was rainy,  windy, and cold both days we were there, but with an umbrella I managed to snap a few good outdoor pics.  Heres my pictures for “Follow the Leader”.


followtheleader2Several of you are commenting that you can’t believe there are pelicans in Nebraska.  To be honest with you, I didn’t know this until my in laws moved out to the lake.  The pelicans migrate through every spring and fall.  They are only here for a few weeks both seasons!  If you blink, you miss them, that is why I was so excited that I actually saw them this year.  Another bird that migrates through is the sand hill crane.  I did see several of them in the corn fields on our drive to North Platte, tried snapping some pics from the car, but they turned out really blurry – didn’t have time to stop (plus it was pouring rain – ughhhh..)


~ by Tammy on April 13, 2009.

22 Responses to “104. Follow the Leader”

  1. My Dad was out west this past weekend and say some as well. I knew about the cranes but I’d never heard of the penguins traveling through before.

  2. Hi Chesney,
    Those are really great photos! I’ve never seen a Pelican in person! Have a great evening!


    P.S. Your were right, it was Long John Silver’s. Went there for my birthday. It’s one of our favorite places to eat!

  3. Now I know where you get your reports from, we live right near Pelican Park and now I find out that they are just WoW carriers, is there nothing to stop your persecution of the righteous? That first shot is a bottler. Every night I go to darts they hover just in front of the car getting ready to roost on the bridge lightposts over night, but you can’t drive and focus too. Love em.

  4. Two great shots, but the first one (flying) is my favorite!

  5. Those pelicans are cool – especially the ones in flight! I think that cloudy, overcast days sometimes make for the best color and contrast in photos.

  6. Fabulous pelican shots!! You captured them beautifully.

  7. Super “Follow the Leader” shot! Those pelican’s are really cool – too bad Ron found out one of our primary means of spying and communication – we’ll have to seek out some additional means.

  8. Great shot! Who expects to see pelicans in Nebraska? I always associate them with Florida. Did they take a wrong turn??

  9. Pelicans in Nebraska? I know the white ones don’t stay in Florida during the summer, but Nebraska?? The flight shot is great! And perfect for the theme.

  10. One of my favorite birds!!! You really caught them! I hve seen these guys in IA too.

  11. This is great take on theme. We get a few white pelicans here from time to time. You did a nice job getting these in flight.

  12. Great shot, they do pop out of that gray sky. I’m surprised too that they are there, where the heck are they going?

  13. There are pelican’s in Nebraska???? Now, there’s something I never dreamed of–I thought they were ocean birds. I’ve only seen them once, in 2001, when we were camping on the Virginia coast. You got some fantastic shots there.

  14. You got a great shot of them flying. These are White Pelicans (as opposed to Brown Pelicans of the ocean variety). They breed on lakes of the plains in Canada and migrate down through the midwest to the Gulf and California for the winter. They are on or were on th endangered list. We saw lots of Brown Pelicans on the beach in Daytona, FL.

  15. Just look at that red! I’ve never seen a pelican, but between your pictures and Kay’s, I’ll recognize one if I ever do come across one! Well done!

  16. I have never seen a pelican before!
    Gorgeous shot you’ve got of them flying! 🙂

  17. Wonderful shot the first one! Are there pelicans too those white birds on the beach?

  18. I love the pelicans in flight. I will get you some shots of a great blue heron..I’m searching for that perfect one too.

  19. Great story and great pictures, Tammy. I did not know that pelicans migrated through the mid-west. Love the pelicans in flight.

  20. What a great Follow the Leader shot! Wonderful despite the weather not cooperating!

  21. I love how pelicans glide along effortlessly. Nice capture.

  22. perfect focus!! Great job

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