103. Places of Worship

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I got behind.  We went to my huband’s parent’s house out on the lake for Easter, and while driving there, shortly out of Omaha, I took this picture of a Shrine that was built a few years ago(from the interstate).  It is meant for people of all denominations to go and worship, pray, and be near God.  For more information on this (and even virtual tours) go to:  http://www.holyfamilyshrineproject.com/index.php.   Since I took this from the car it did not turn out very clear so I used the topaz simplify to help it a bit.  This was taken from the back of the building and the Cross was put up to celebrate Easter.



~ by Tammy on April 13, 2009.

17 Responses to “103. Places of Worship”

  1. What a special place! Your photo really is great. We have a similar place in Eureka Springs, AR….Thorncrown Chapel. I wondered if they had the same designer.

  2. I have never heard of that before. It looks beautiful.

  3. Hi!
    It’s a beautiful place! Great shot and I like it the way it is! Have a great day!!


  4. What a lovely concept–the bare bones archtechture seems fitting on that expanse of prairie.

  5. It is so peaceful looking. You did a great job taking this from the interstate.

  6. It looks very peaceful! I have never heard of that before either.
    Great shot 🙂

  7. Fascinating building. I’ve also never heard of that before.

  8. Beautiful building! Nice with all that glass!

  9. Very nice – so spiritual and contemplative.

  10. What an interesting and beautiful building!

  11. Love the design of this structure. Hmm, guess I’ll need to “test drive” that topaz filter. Nice!

  12. Good looking building and I like your use of the filter. The people by the cross put a great perspective on it .

  13. Great shot Tammy. It looks like a tilt-shift photo or one done with a lensbaby!

  14. Very interesting little chapel – and I like the soft, blurry effect on it. Gives it a peaceful feeling.

  15. I love this photo, I think it represents what makes the MIdwest special to me. I might move there one day!

  16. Neat little chapel. I love how the landscape looks so distinctly mid-western. The topaz simplify is perfect for this picture.

  17. what a beautiful structure! I like that everyone can go there to reflect differences aside

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