102. Fasteners

Another image from the orchid show.  Loved the dark burgendy colors in this!  I will be heading out for a short Easter trip soon, so……everyone have a very Happy Easter!



~ by Tammy on April 11, 2009.

20 Responses to “102. Fasteners”

  1. Happy Easter. Lovely orchid.

  2. An absolutely gorgeous orchid! Happy easter to you.

  3. Wow – you and Mary Lou with the virtual orchid exhibits…just gorgeous! I’m really enjoying seeing all the different types!

  4. Very clever for this theme. Great colors and nice fasteners too!! I have a shot of the sme orchid and I’ve worked on it several times and can’t get it just right to post. You did a nice job on this on. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

  5. I know you got on first name basis with these orchids, but what did your family do for the month you were there, I bet the boys were all growed-up when you got back. Just for a whole bunch of pretty flowers. and a dozen or so great photos.

  6. wonderful flower great colors

  7. Beautiful colors and the bokeh is so pretty also.

  8. I have just loved seeing these orchids. The colors are amazing.

  9. Hi Chesney,
    Beautiful Flower! Would love to grow these but I don’t think I could. Beautiful colors!! Have a great Easter!


  10. Beautiful flower and colors!
    I hope you will have a great trip! 🙂

  11. Just wonderful!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Beautiful orchid!

  13. The color is so rich and vibrant. Beautiful.

  14. Wonderful! I love the colour!

  15. Beautiful flowers and a nice subtle take on this theme.

  16. Just exquisite! It looks as if it were made of velvet.

  17. Another beauty! I had to look awhile to see where the ‘fastener’ came in! Very creative!

  18. great photo of a lovely orchid in beautiful colour!

  19. Wonderful shot! You captured the rich colors perfectly!

  20. fantastic macro shot!!

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