101. Artificial

Still playing w/ my lightbox and mirror!  These are a few artificial flowers I was practising with, they were not the prettiest, so I added the topaz adjust filter and a frame to spruce them up!  Thought it came out kinda cool (plus I had fun playing)!



~ by Tammy on April 10, 2009.

15 Responses to “101. Artificial”

  1. The mirror works but the light box is on the blink, everything in the background seems dark, or did you mean Dark Box.

  2. Nice reflection and good capture – having fun it’s what’s important!

  3. I like the frame you used. I agree…playing is half the fun. I like the effects you get with the mirror a lot!

  4. I like this a lot, looks a bit like an illustration. (really off the wall ‘possibly related posts’ from WP!)

  5. Nice capture, I always love your use of frames.

  6. Wonderful results!

  7. Great take on the theme. Love the yellow and blue and the effects.

  8. This is a great image. I am going to HAVE to try that mirror.

  9. Haven’t tried the mirror in the lite box. But will after seeing your images . Nice job.

  10. This is a great shot Tammy! Wonderful results with the effects 🙂

  11. This is gorgeous, I love the colors and the reflections!

  12. You’re doing a great job with your new lightbox and mirror. I love what you have done with this photo.

  13. What a neat photograph. I love the reflection off the mirror.

  14. Wow–I love the processing on this image. There’s a 3-D effect that make it look like the flowers are in a box.

  15. awesome image!! I am sitting here trying to figure out how you manipulated the frame? great job

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