100. Stop the Action


We are in full soccer season – #13 is Ryan with the ball and about to pass – figured this would pass as stop the action….


~ by Tammy on April 9, 2009.

17 Responses to “100. Stop the Action”

  1. Yes, ma’am it does!! Great color in those uniforms and a great capture so clear!!!!

  2. Yep you stopped it – nice shot. Wow it’s been a while since I visited your site-don’t know how I didn’t. So I will just say I love the humingbird pic and the boys in the car. You are brave teaching two at the same time. I have taught 4 but each about 2-3 years apart (gives be time for my nerves to settle before the next one). I’ll try not to forget to check your site again. I enjoy all your photos

  3. I thought stop the action would be when Corey ran back on the field, Mum would put a stop to it. LOL This is a great (Stop) action shot.

  4. This is a great shot for this theme! Great focus for an action!

  5. it’s more than passing, you get an A+! 😉

  6. Great shot. Kinda funny to think if you literally stopped the action how many people would fall over in their poses.

  7. Great stop action – no blur. Nice job!

  8. Great action shot! My son played on the soccer team when he was in high school–I really miss those games.

  9. nice shot..my grandson played in his very first soccer game last weekend (he’s almost 5 years old now).

  10. Great action shot – and nice to catch your son so perfectly!

  11. Hi Chesney,
    That’s a great action shot! They look like they are ready to take off when he kicks the ball. And those colors are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great week end!


  12. Super shot – really captures the action and stops it in it’s tracks.

  13. Well done! So clear with lots of detail.

  14. Great “stop the action” shot. You must have been sitting with your camera perched in position for a while to get this awesome shot.

  15. Great shot. You really caught the action here. This is off the subject, but I really like how you caught that coach in the background with his arms crossed.

  16. It’s a perfect stop action shot! Gooooooooo Ryan!

  17. Nice shot!! I have such a hard time taking the action shots and not making it look weird – you did a great job of stopping the action but not having the image look flat there is still so much movement

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