99. Beverage of Choice

I can’t count how many cans of this we go through in a week……….playing w/ my light box and mirror again!



~ by Tammy on April 8, 2009.

23 Responses to “99. Beverage of Choice”

  1. You can get addicted to any thing even a light box. Great image. Love the mirror reflections.

  2. I have heard that you use a lot of mixers around there. Hope the Boys get a mouthful or two of the lemonade. The lightbox works by the way. Good.

  3. The light is perfectly diffused, very nice shot. That is some serious drinking 😉

  4. The reflection is fantastic on this one, Tammy! You’re making good use of that lightbox!

  5. Cool effect! I never thought of putting something on a mirror before….hmmmmmmm

  6. Great image lovely looking cans. Makes you mouth water even though I am not a great fan of lemonade.

  7. Great product shot! You’re a good advertisement for Crystal Light…

  8. Hi!
    Great shot for the theme! I have never tried that before!! I’m more a fountain coke person! Have a great day!!


  9. Wow!
    This is just stunning!!! I love this shot 🙂
    I did this theme today too 😉

    I wish you a Happy Easter!

  10. Beautiful light in the box! Great photo!
    Happy Eastern!

  11. The lighting and lightbox really make the colors sing – cool reflections with the mirror too.

  12. The mirror adds an interesting touch. One of these days my husband will make a lightbox for me … it’s on his “honey do” list.

  13. A fabulous picture. The colors are so pleasing. Using the mirror is a great technique. The reflections add so much to the picture.

  14. I like Crystal Light, too. I need to try something with a mirror. I love the effect.

  15. I wish I had your creativity. I just never think to do something this clever! Well done!

  16. OK … now I have to add Crystal Light to my shopping list. At least that’s better than Oreos… 😀

    Love the light box in the mirror trick. I really do need to give that a try…

  17. Great idea, looks like an advertisement…I’m thirsty!

  18. A friend of mine makes “crystal-ritas”, add the right amount of tequila and they’re not too bad! What size is your mirror? I really like the effects you’re getting.

  19. I wish I had a light box. I saw some instructions for making your own, so I might try that!

    Since you like taking photos you might want to check out Small Town Snapshot Sunday.

  20. Love your lightbox photo. You captured everyting to a “T”. I’m still getting mine up and running. I need 2 more lights.

  21. You go through cans of this and I’ve never had it before…funny how that goes…your pic turned out perfect with your props! : )

  22. Great shot! I didn’t know they made a white grape!!! I’ll have to check it out….thanks! : )

  23. Great shot!! I too am a crystal lite nut but lately I’ve been hooked on 10 calorie vitamin water

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