98. Risky

It is RISKY Business being on the roads since my boys have gotten their lerner permits (or maybe it’s me and my husband who are being risky by riding with them)!!  Whichever the case, my nerves are shot – I am not made for teaching 15 year old boys how to drive!  🙂

Ryan ready to roll…….

risky1Corey saying “Bye Mom”!



~ by Tammy on April 7, 2009.

25 Responses to “98. Risky”

  1. It is very difficult to teach kids to drive. You will survive. I know they are thrilled to be behind the wheel.

  2. I tried to teach my kids how to drive first on a dirt road, and then on side roads in the Pine Barrens where there were fewer cars. New Jersey is the worst! I finally gave up and hired a local driving school instructor, espcially when it came to driving in towns and around north jersey. Good luck!!

  3. I love these shots for the theme! Ryan is either challenging us to a drag race or he’s thinking “enough with the camera Mom!” LOL. Corey on the other hand is just playing to the lens!

  4. Very creative! Have patience, I app)reciate my dad teaching me to drive, now that I’m older. My mom never even tried!!! The best advice I could give is SLOW DOWN!! Ryan looks so serious!! 😉

  5. Julie tells me that MOTHERS CAN DO ANYTHING!, the teaching shouldn’t be a problem, but try not to nag them too much about what they can’t do when they get their licrnces. Oh to be a fly on the wall for those talks, I’m laughing already, MUM! Grow up quick don’t they, what do you mean you hate me Tammy, tellem I said, Do what your Mother tells you. That way they are only disobeying ME>(:-D)

  6. Risky indeed! I don’t envy you having two new drivers in the house at once. Great opportunity for fulfilling this theme, though…

  7. I love the photos but certainly don’t envy you! All I can say is
    better you than me! lol

  8. Oy! I can SO related. Went through this with both my daughter (now 32) and my son (now 28) and I never, ever want to do that again! My daughter still has a lead foot – good thing she now lives in Manhattan without need for a car! Very cute idea for the theme, Tammy! Look at his beaming face!

  9. Great shot for the theme. We won’t discuss how much I scared my mother when I learned to drive. Let’s just say it wasn’t safe for pedestrians to be on the sidewalk. LOL

  10. Oh my…have fun! My mom used to take me driving in a cemetery. All those nice little “roads”. I figured if I crashed us, we were already there…HA.

  11. Can you teach my DH how to drive too :-). I will admit that I am not a very good passenger! Cute boys!

  12. Tammy, that’s too funny!! They already look like seasoned drivers. Glad Corey is doing well.

  13. You brave woman you! i love the very different expressions on the boys’ faces

  14. Thank Goodness my kids are all grown up and married. No more sleepless nights. I made them get their license thru High School. Nicely done.

  15. WOW you have Two-fer of concerns there…LOL…at least we have 15 months between our boys driving….now we are probably going to have about 15 months between them getting married LOL.
    Double Trouble but lovin’ it!

  16. They both look confident and careful to me. But I remember my own learning days – and know why you’re feeling trepidation! This will pass soon and you’ll like the freedom it brings you, too.

  17. Hi Chesney,
    Yes, I would say that risky! Great for the theme! I remember when my son learned to drive. Scared the death out of me! If you want the recipe for the Tomato Soup Chocolate Cake, I have posted it at my place. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  18. Would be stressful with just one, but two??? I feel your stress from here!!! Good luck and BREATHE!!! : )

  19. HAHA! After my younger stepson learned to drive, he said it was boring, he’d rather sleep in the back seat! You are a brave woman. Perfect for theme.

  20. Nice clear shots of the boys and the car. It will feel so rewarding for all when they get their full licenses – you’ll have earned it:-)

  21. Fun way to use this theme! Two student drivers at once–your insurance agent must be planning a vacation on those premiums! I think my girls had the most difficulty understanding the concept that it isn’t enough to be aware of what they are doing while driving–they have to be aware of the drivers who aren’t paying attention. Best of luck to you and the boys!

  22. Would be stressful with one, but two??
    Nice shots and fun way to use this theme 🙂
    And of course best of luck to you and your boys!

  23. I remember teaching my children to drive and it was scarey. I didn’t realize that your boys were twins. Great shots.

  24. I’ve only got one teen with a permit–two would prolly send me over the top!

  25. ohhhh I am dreading this moment 11 years from now! I love the two pics of them

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