97. Spring

Spring is always wild here in Nebraska, you never know what you are going to get!  On Saturday we had both tornado warnings and blizzard warnings – go figure….

spring1In case you are wondering, yes that is snow!  Brrrrrrr…..

newlife2My tulips are just beginning to peek through, hope they survive the cold!!


~ by Tammy on April 6, 2009.

27 Responses to “97. Spring”

  1. Great capture of the wind and snow. I know ’cause that’s what I saw out my window this morning. *sigh*

  2. Wow you guys got way more snow than we did. It didn’t accumlate at all.

    Only in Nebraska can you get a 10 degree and 5 inch differene just by going from the North to the south.

  3. Spring storms were the only thing I didn’t like about living in the Midwest. The sideways rain/snow/sleet is perfect. I think your tulips will survive. They like it a little cooler.

  4. I was stunned when it began snowing today! You’ve really captured the volatile nature of the season, Tammy!

  5. Nice shot of your swimming pool, but why did you thrown the bubble bath water on that lovely plant, have to take you everywhere twice, the second time to apologize. LOL

  6. I think I’d have to shoot myself if we were still getting snow!! Beautiful photos, though.

  7. Nice shot of the windy weather! It’s turned cold here today, and they’re calling for snow, but in Atlanta? Very doubtful. Hope you’re warmed up!

  8. Hi Chesney,
    We had the same thing here in Indiana. Sunday Tornado watches and warnings, today a dusting of snow and cold. My tulips are coming up also and the magnolia trees are getting ready to bloom. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!!


  9. oh I hope your flowers survived the cold snap!!

  10. I especially like the photo of the forsythia…I can feel the poor flowers shivering.

  11. That’s what they’re predicting here tonight, and I really thought spring weather had arrived. Great shots, I hope your tulips survive, too!

  12. We got some cooler weather, too. At least that’s what we call 50 degrees F in the morning with a north wind, in April! Br-r-r-r your photo is making me cold!

  13. We’ve had some wild weather the last couple days too! Great capture and please please don’t seen the snow to Jersey!

  14. Both are beautiful images, in part because of the snow! It’s the unexpected I think. Two great shots Tammy!

  15. So THAT’S where our Sunday snow came from, huh? Great images…too bad you had to take them.

  16. I hope your tulips survive too. I love tulips. We have frost forcast for tonight and all the flowers and trees have bloomed. I hope they survive.
    Great shot to show the windy snowy weather, not what I was expecting for spring. 😉

  17. This is a great capture – could just as easily have been titled “sense of motion” because you can really “see” the wind blow the snow and leaves! Nicely done, Tammy.

  18. Isn´t that just typical about spring, never know what you get I mean. Poor little tulips,

  19. Wowsa! I’ll be thankful for out 70 degrees and calm winds weather! Nice shots, definitely conveys the feeling of the weather.

  20. Sorry about that snow – but it makes a stunning photo with the tulips showing through.

  21. Both wonderful shots but I really like the top one – the colors in the background and the motion of the snow are super.

  22. I love that first shot Tammy … nicely done!!

  23. No mor snow here on Long Island. Thank God. Great shots.

  24. The first photo ia wonderful, despite the snow…But I think your tulips will survive. This is something thet we are use to in Sweden;)

  25. Sure hope you get some balmy weather soon! Enough is enough already eh? Makes for great pics, but at this point on the calendar one would prefer a little sunshine! Love how you captured that first pic!

  26. Wonderful shots! I love your first one 🙂

  27. I’m jealous, we get no snow here. 😦

    Nice images.

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