95. Snack

I caught these hummingbirds having a little snack.   Hummingbirds are one of my favorites – I have been trying to get good pictures of them for years and finally got some that are presentable!  These were taken in our Zoo’s butterfly house again, recently they let a bunch free in there!  You rarely see them down where the people are, but I happened to wander in and had the place to myself for about 45 minutes (great timing)!  Had a blast sitting there and watching them all “buzz” around, boy are they fast!snack


~ by Tammy on April 4, 2009.

30 Responses to “95. Snack”

  1. Wow–i love the one caught in mid-flight. Their wings move so fast that I’m amazed you were able to captire such detail–but there’s just a hint of motion that gives the picure life.

  2. What great shots, hummingbirds amaze me!

  3. Hummigbirds are so hard to capture! You did great – theb blue one is a hummingbird too? Wow!

  4. Amazing photos. Beautiful birds and so sharp. Well done!

  5. Wow that blue one is gorgeous. I’ve never seen such bring plumage before. Great pictures.

  6. Amazing shot! I know how hard it is to get sharp shots of birds 😉
    The first one is just stunning! And very exotic for me to see, living in Sweden 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful! Love the one you stopped in flight, and the brilliant blues on the lower one are just stunning.

  8. My husband loves hummingbirds. We have two feeders and he is always telling me to set up the camera to snap a photo. These are so fabulous. I can’t wait to show him, but I hope I can do as well.

  9. These are great photos. I love trying to get photos of hummers and have been pretty lucky, but the photos are from 2008 and before. I think the top one is a Broad-billed Hummingbird. Can’t find the other in my books…Anyway, I LOVE these!!!

  10. Both are terrific, but love the second more, shouldn’t you be at home tending to your two defenceless little boys, instead of lollygagging around the zoo all the time.

  11. Hi!
    They are beautiful!! We have a couple that come to our Trumpet Vine in the summer. And yes they are fast!! I haven’t been able to catch the with my camera yet. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  12. Stunning, Tammy. I think that catching one just sitting there is more wonderful than catching one in mid-flight. My mom used to have feeders and hummingbirds are mean. They would have major fights over the feeders.

  13. Your zoo sure does offer up a lot of great photo opportunities – these are beauties! Very nice!

  14. Incredible shot. Hummingbirds are so hard to shoot!!

  15. It’s amazing that you caught that one with his wings in motion! And the blue one is stunning.

  16. Marvelous coloring. And great photos–I have a hard time with hummingbirds too. Such fast little things, they are!

  17. Hummingbirds are my favorite. I got a good one last year and soon will be hanging up my feeder! I hope to get a few good ones for this challenge. Great shot!

  18. This is a great shot! Those little guys are so hard to catch! You did well!

  19. Beautiful shots! I’m not sure about the second one being a hummingbird though.

  20. Very nice capture!

  21. I love hummingbirds too. I’ve never seen one like the pretty blue one though. I hope someone comes along with an ID for you.

    These are both terrific shots. I, too, like that little motion blur in the wings of the first guy…

  22. What a great capture! Well done!

  23. Wonderful hummingbirds! Your shots are fantastic.

  24. what great colors you captured here – our birds here aren’t that colorful (or maybe they are and I’m not putting the right snack out for them)

  25. Amazing and excellent catch. Great take one theme.

  26. Once again when I try to catch up all the words are used up ! Just fabulous and again you could raise some serious money for that zoo with your photographs.

  27. Ohhh…don’t look at my blog post today…LOL…a very pathetic picture of one in the garden. I’ll keep trying…
    Beautiful pictures…love the lower one…we don’t have those ones here..just red and green ones.

  28. I love the fact of the little motion blur in the first image. Never saw a blue one before. I have never had good luck with hummer photos. Very nice shot. I could also sit and watch these guys they are amazing.

  29. Nice shots. What species is the blue bird in the second image?

  30. These are gorgeous – especially the blue one. Great shots!

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