94. Fruits of the Season

For a moth anyways.  This was taken at our Zoo’s Butterfly House!  Doesn’t look too appealing to me, but the moths and butterflies seem to love it!



~ by Tammy on April 3, 2009.

22 Responses to “94. Fruits of the Season”

  1. Is that one of those moths that’s supposed to mimic an owl or other predatory bird?

  2. i think this photo is really cool! I REALLY hate moths, they freak me out, but this makes it look not so scary 🙂

  3. That’s the way our Flutter Bys become fertile Mertyls! Super snap, now I know how you get em to stay still, Bribery.

  4. I just came from Julie’s blog and her photo of yummy fudge. Your photo is sharp and bright and colorful but I still think I’m going back to her blog…(ha)

  5. The focus and the cropping on this photo are spectacular.

  6. Hi!
    Great shot! Beautiful Butterfly/Moth!! I’ll agree it doesn’t look too appetizing, but they do seem to like it! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  7. Excellent photo. Butterflies and moths can be so beautiful, but some elements of their diet can be pretty gross.

  8. Beautiful picture, Tammy. So sharp and detailed. That is a pretty cool moth.

  9. Another wonderful shot, Tammy! Those wings look so textured!

  10. I love the spots that look like eyes, well done!

  11. Wow. This is an incredible shot.

  12. Great picture!! Love the butterfly.

  13. Great butterfly. So I better keep my melons indoors then so the butterflies don´t steels them for me 😉

  14. The clarity of this photo is amazing, just beautiful!

  15. Wow! This is an incredible shot Tammy! I love the butterfly! 🙂

  16. Beautiful colors and lighting.

  17. Perfect for the theme and the bright reds and browns make a striking contrast.

  18. Love the lighting and all the colors and textures you’ve captured. Looks yummy too! lol

  19. Great capture! He certainly has a nice variety of fruit to chose from! 😉

  20. A fun tip for butterfly photos—dab gatorade on a companion’s wrists or back of hands (I personally like to talk Mr. L. into letting me dab it on his balding head…). The butterflies love the stuff and will happily land to try to feed.

  21. phew..I’m glad it wasn’t on your dinner table great focus in on the critter!

  22. Nice shot. I wish they had a butterfly house around here.

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