93. Hands

Hand across Nebraska for our Heros that is!  This is hanging at our local mall and written on the hands are thank yous to our Heros who defend our country everyday.  I love this unique tribute to our country’s Heros and everytime I walk by it I stop and think Thanks!!



~ by Tammy on April 2, 2009.

21 Responses to “93. Hands”

  1. That is really nice and I’m sure gives everyone a chance to stop and say a little ‘thank you’. Your shot is great – I like how you framed it to provide the context of the explanatory sign.

  2. What a wonderful tribute! I love your shot!

  3. terrific tribute and awesome find for the theme!

  4. Lovely shot

  5. Service people appreciate this type of tribute but may not be comfortable with Hero, Real Patriots maybe. Love the one blue hand.

  6. I Love this tribute. Wonderful photo!

  7. What a unique idea!! Great shot, thanks for sharing such a wonderful tribute!

  8. A wonderful tribute and a very nice selection for the theme – clapping hands on this one!

  9. Stunning quilt. Your picture is great too. What a great tribute.

  10. Nice capture of somebody’s inspired tribute.

  11. Wonderful tribute to our women and men in uniform.

  12. Wow, so many hands! Lovely photo!

  13. A wonderful tribute! And perfect for the theme!

  14. Brilliant shot and super take on the theme.

  15. What a wonderful sentiment, project, and photo to remember it!

  16. A very nice tribute. A great picture also.

  17. What a wonderful idea! Beautiful!

  18. What a fine thing! Your shot is perfect, the color and the scale are spot on.

  19. Your photo gave me chill bumps. A simple thank you doesn’t quite seem enough for all of their bravery and love for their country, but “thank you” we must send their way. Hopefully no more lives will be lost and those brave men and women can come home with a job well done and complete for the safety of us all. This photo is a great tribute to each of them. A great heartfelt shot, Tammy.

  20. Stunning. What a great tribute. So creative.

  21. you nailed this theme!

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