91. Guilty Pleasures

I have a full day today, so I am posting a little early.  Corey gets his walking cast today, and boy is he excited – he thinks he will be jogging – I think he will be a little disappointed!  🙂  After that Ryan has a soccer game (which means sitting outside for 2 hours in below freezing weather in the snow – ughhhh…).    After today I think I will need some “guilty pleasures” tonite!  A trip to the hot tub w/ a glass of chardonnay sounds like a perfect ending to a hectic day!  This is another picture taken in my light box – I liked how the shadow of the glass turned out.



~ by Tammy on March 31, 2009.

25 Responses to “91. Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Lovely. I’m hoping the snow has a change of heart and just doesn’t show up. I’ve seen enough of the white stuff for a year or two.

  2. Don’t blame you at all!! That background is your new lightbox?

  3. Fantastic! I, too, love the shadow. Enjoy!

  4. The shadow is awesome! Looks like a fine guilty pleasure to me!

  5. Fantastic shot! The shadow is awesome! 🙂
    And I say like Val that it looks like a fine guilty pleasure to me 😉
    Enjoy for me too!

  6. I love how the bright wine cuts into the bottle!

  7. Great photo and yes, the shadow is wonderful.

  8. Hi!
    Great shot for the theme. I don’t drink wine, but hope you enjoy yours. Love that shadow! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  9. What an elegant composition! the blue monotone is perfect for a glass of crisp white wine.

  10. I love this composition, Tammy. I love how some parts of the bottle are cropped. Looks very elegant.

  11. Great photo and I really like your choice of wines.

  12. The light box gives you a nice background. I like the crescent shape of the reflection above the wine. I think though that I would like to see the whole bottle and not have it cropped.

  13. Sounds really nice, the hot tub and the glass of wine 🙂 great shot by the way. I think I will have to invest in one of those light boxes. We have SPRING finally!!! Crocus are in abundance in the flower beds. It has been around +10 today!!

  14. I love the picture!
    I agree, like the shadow of the glass =)

  15. Shadow is great. Also, nice choice of wine. Hope you were able to enjoy a glass or two.

  16. Lovely Tammy! I hope you made it to the hot tub!

  17. Great photo! I like the bright glass…and the wine of course;)

  18. Feel no guilt, it is scientifically proven red wine is good for you, in small doses.

    Nice shot, the lighting is moody and I like moody photos.

  19. I’d toss the guilt! Well done, a ditto especially on the shadow.

  20. Great work, love the shadow and the choice of black of white.

  21. wish I drank wine—> I think I’d try this one just cuz of yer awesome pic!

  22. Wow, this is a great image! Love the play of light and the shadows.

  23. I hope you enjoyed it! The shadows and processing are super.

  24. The light, shadows and reflctions are wonderful with your mew lightbox.

  25. Great composition – I think you certainly deserve it..love the hot tub idea!!

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