90. Kids These Days

When I want to take the kids pictures they are usually out the door in a flash!  When I am playing with my new light box and DON’T want them in the picture, there they are acting goofy.  What’s a mom to do??


Several of you asked if these were all my kids!  No, I just have the front 2 boys – the extra is the neighbor boy who I call my own because he practilly lives here – LOL


~ by Tammy on March 30, 2009.

26 Responses to “90. Kids These Days”

  1. Great catch, I believe this could also fall under SILLY!!!

  2. That’s when you put them all to work, he he he.

  3. What a trio of goofs….

    Where’d you come up with the third boy? He looks like he could be a triplet!

  4. Grin, bear it and re-set the camera!!! 🙂

  5. Hey we all know that sons are the most helpful things god ever created, never in the way always tidy, your just trying to give them a bum Wrap Lady.

  6. Go figure! I think it’s a fun shot – sometimes you just work with what you’ve got handy.

  7. Perfect use for the new lightbox – are all these yours? 😉 I hipe we get to see the flowers, too. I can see the reflection beneath them and it’s intrigueing.

  8. That is the very essence of adolescent male goofiness!

  9. The joys of being contrary. :O) I’m in my 30s and my mom is still not allowed to take photos of me!

  10. OH, I think I’m in love! If you look up “Young Male” in the dictionary, this photo will be there. These guys set the standard!! Great photo!

  11. Can’t boys be the goofiest! I had a couple of show-offs, too. Enjoy while you can….

  12. Congrats on your new box. It looks great. I am going to have to steal that mirror idea 🙂

  13. Hihi! It must be the joy of doing the opposite to what the mother wants that gets them to act goofy. Put them to work in the kitchen or tell them to clean up their rooms 😉

  14. Boys, boys…;) Are they all yours? Great photo!

  15. This picture made me smile – fun shot!

  16. Its all about bonding, LOL. Great picture.

  17. Boys! 😉 It is a great shot Tammy!

  18. Oh, very funny photo. Have to love those boys.

  19. This is the cutest photo. You have my sympathy, Tammy. Two teen-agers are a handful, but two teen-aged boys . . . Wow!

  20. The tongue out seems to be a popular thing these days. Are kids these days watching Gene Simmons?

  21. Hihihihi, very funny photo
    Like it sharp!!!

  22. Kids!!!! You gotta love ’em! Nice shot!

  23. What a fun shot, sure beats surly.

  24. Well at least the light box is doing a nice job of lighting them! Good catch!

  25. Excellent take on the theme – and thanks, you have given me an idea 🙂

  26. Mine are 6 and 4 I guess the silliness never stops! good thing

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