89. Holes

These are my sons favorite kind of holes (doughnut holes, that is)!  The second picture is using my new light box that Mary Lou gave me directions for (thanks Mary Lou).  On this particular picture I was playing and put a mirror on the bottom.




~ by Tammy on March 29, 2009.

25 Responses to “89. Holes”

  1. These pictures are gorgeous, Tammy. Great lighting and detail. The mirror was a stroke of genius.

  2. Beautiful pictures and great use of the light box.

  3. Don’t you love a light box? Especially when it’s full of donut! Yummy! Love the mirror!

  4. Thanks Tammy – here it is after 10:00 at night and now I want Donuts! It must be Ron’s evil spells that made you post those. Great shot – I like the lucious close up and the reflections from the bowl on the mirror. Nice shots.

  5. This is terrific Tammy, great depth and warmth, but have you ever stopped to ask why so many of your shots are on “Food, Glorious Food” and if Frued had any thoughts on the matter. BTW As you prefer the holes, just send the outers to me.

  6. Not only is this a good shot (the mirror is great) but I just got a flood of donut hole memories. I don’t even know if they exist on the west coast.

  7. Wow! Great shot and super for the theme!

  8. Oh, yes holes exist on the West Coast. My kids loved them…I prefered the cinnamon rolls. What a great idea to put the mirror in the light box. I still have to rig one up. Now I need a mirror….

  9. Good shot! The holes looks really tasty;) I´m curios about your lightbox. Have you made one or bought it?

  10. Wow, the last picture looks a lot like a painting. Or maybe I’ve been staring at paintings too much.

  11. Great shot! Yuuuummie! 🙂 I’m curious about the lightbox too.
    Have you made one or bought it?

  12. Great shot and perfect for the theme. At least it’s perfect for the theme down there but up here they aren’t called donut holes, they are Timbits. But that’s another story…. 😉

  13. How clever is this??? I love this shot!! What a colorful bowl!!! Sending you an email!!!!

  14. You must have a fast “trigger finger” to get the photo before the boys got the donuts! Really like the use of the mirror with the bowl…

  15. Those donut holes look yummy – and your new lightbox is working perfectly! Now, I’ll have to make a lightbox…

  16. OMG. Between your donut holes photo and all the birthday cake photos I am STARVING. Those look SO good.

  17. absolutely yummy looking

  18. Yummy!!!!

  19. I don’t know much about the lightbox, but your pictures are great, very nice, now I want some doughnut holes.

  20. My grandkids would eat their weight in donut holes if we let them! Great shot. You’ve got me interested in lightboxes now!

  21. Clever interpretation and colorful image! Gorgeous!

  22. Fabulous photo! Love them both…can “taste” these as much I could “smell” the cast! Well done! (I think? LOL)

  23. Love it, love it – so vibrant and the mirror shot is soooo good.

  24. Dounut!! It look likes Swedish meatbolls;o)

  25. OH Tammy that is just not fair you know I am on a diet!! tell him to save me one!

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