88. Rural

Rural is easy here in Nebraska!   Surrounded by corn fields –  this was an easy shot to get….



~ by Tammy on March 28, 2009.

23 Responses to “88. Rural”

  1. Winnowed aren’t they?

  2. Nice lines and an early Spring look at the fields.

  3. Excellent rural scene! The lines of the furrows are fascinating – they seem almost haphazard – and the tones are really pleasing.

  4. Nice textures and colors! I had a teacher once describe driving through Nebraska (along Interstate 80) as 8 straight hours of cornfields with a curve in the road outside of Lincoln.

  5. Too bad you didn’t get rural during summer when the corn is knee high by the fourth of July.

  6. You could have used this for the “lines theme,” too. This is such an interesting photo, and I love the colors.

  7. There is so much going on in this picture and the plow lines lead you all around. It is hard to pull away from this image. Great job.

  8. This is a classic shot. Very nicely done and love the frame.

  9. Your rural is so brown and our’s is so green! Love the plow lines in the field!

  10. That’s an alien scene to my East Coast eyes! The textures and lines catch one’s attention and hold it.

  11. Gorgeous shot & perfect for rural. Love all the lines and curves, and of course your gorgeous processing and framing. Beautiful!

  12. I love the textures and the lines that catch my attention!

  13. Hi!
    That’s a great shot! Looks like it was a good harvest! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  14. Nice shot Tammy! Yes, rural is easy in Nebraska. I like the curves made by the very large combine maybe? Now South Dakota is 8 hours of a straight shot with a little bump in the road maybe near the Badlands! Bobbie from the East is right on about it looking alien. The first time I saw the Midwest, the big sky is what I noticed first. And the corn is more like over your head by the 4th of July :-).

  15. Great landscape. I love the curving lines.

  16. I really like this one. Great presentation, too!

  17. What a fine shot, the horizontal foreground holding down the great swoops beyond pretty much defines mid west rural.

  18. Wonderful! I like the lines and the colours.

  19. Wonderful shot, great composition and the lines are great. I love your framing too.

  20. The fields seem to go on forever. Like the silos way in the distance.

  21. This is a lovely landscape.

  22. Wow this picture looks a bit like mine.
    Love it!!!


  23. what great lines and depth – very rural – I have to drive at least an hour to get a little rural!

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