87. Two

Another pretty self explanatory image……TWO!  🙂



~ by Tammy on March 27, 2009.

19 Responses to “87. Two”

  1. Nice picture of beautiful flowers.

  2. Ah the Glamorous Orchid Twins, good to see them back on the stage.

  3. How lovely they are!

  4. Maybe I’ve spent too much time with dogs, but they remind me of two panting pooches begging for a treat.

  5. My mother-in-law gave me one of my father-in-law’s well-loved orchids after he died and it soon met the same undeserved fate as all my house plants. I love them though, and wish I had the knack of growing them. This pair is so pretty!

  6. Hi!
    Those are gorgeous!!!! And there are definitely two, they look like twins! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  7. Wow – like two peas in a pod. Ditto on Sherrie’s comment, they look like twins! Beautiful and elegant.

  8. These are fabulous!! Love the framing.

  9. Fantastic!

  10. Beautiful! I love orchids, the only flowers that survive in my house.

  11. Beautiful shot and I love the framing. Your orchid shots have been awesome!

  12. Another beautiful floral shot!

  13. This is a gorgeous shot! I think the orientation and your treatment of the photo (in a frame) makes it really dynamic, and the colours are so soft and yet vibrant. Looks like your trip the orchid show was a great way to spend a Sunday.

  14. I absolutely love your flower photos. They’re stunning shots, and then the way you frame them really sets them apart and makes them come alive.

  15. Beautiful shot. They deserve the great presentation you gave them.

  16. I just can’t get enough of your orchid shots! Just lovely!

  17. Exquisite! These flowers are gorgeous and you’ve captured all the details and colors….exquisite!

  18. All of the above, Tammy. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the framing.

  19. I love this picture, so beautiful. You must teach me how to frame!! Love the frames!!

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