85. Canine Companions

Thought I would take a break from the flowers today and share with you my Bogy and Chloe!  Not only are they canine companions to each other, but they are our best friends as well.  In many ways they are like two more kids (two year olds really), but they are always happy to see us and never talk back – well, maybe a little!


A few people asked what breeds of dogs these are.  Bogy (to the left) is a Shih Tzu and Chloe (the white one) is a Lhasa Apso – they just don’t look like it because I just had 4.5 inches of hair shaved off.  Since they are non shedding dogs they get really hot in the summer!  Plus they enjoy a break of being brushed all of the time!

~ by Tammy on March 25, 2009.

24 Responses to “85. Canine Companions”

  1. He he he, looks like they’re giving some additude in that picture. Something along the lines of “We’ll pose but only if you make us a nice steak dinner after.”

  2. What gorgeous little buddies! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cute guys! I like the B&W too

  4. Cute dogs – and the black and white makes the photo even more interesting!

  5. Gorgeous b&w! So beautiful little buddies, really posing for this moment 🙂

  6. Great set up with the white on dark providing the tension that those two could never generate – Too lay back by the looks of it.

  7. Great choice to do this is b&w. They are really cute. I wish Hamish had a playmate. The canine kind.

  8. What cuties! I love their eyes. The b/w is perfect. My Chloe wants a puppy.

  9. B&W makes this really soulful–love the eyes!

  10. They could be twins!!! They make me almost want doggies! ALMOST! Very nice shot!

  11. Aww, aren’t they cute? Great shot!

  12. Very cute! You’ve captured some great expressions!

  13. What a cute pair!

  14. Such a precious picture. I love their eyes. The black and white treatment is perfect.

  15. Really nice photograph of two cute dogs, the black and white suits them prefect. What breed?

  16. They are cute–great choice of b/w. Great capture.

  17. Nice portrait of the rest of the family! I can’t imagine life without dogs.

  18. They are so cute Tammy although they do look somewhat mischievious!! So nice of them to pose for you. Love the B&W shot of them.

  19. Very cute puppies. I am sure they bring you lots of joy.

  20. Very cute…but I’m beginning to see a pattern here…Chloe, Bogy, Corey & Ryan….you guys like to do things in two’s, don’t you? lol

  21. Adorable! What faces!!

  22. What sweet expressions – they sure are gazing at you with love! Nice touch to to the B&W with this shot.

  23. So cute, love the black and white. They are adorable.

  24. They are absolutely wonderful! Adorable cuties with attitude! 🙂
    My mom has a mixed of Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, she will be 4 months tomorrow http://systerlilli.blogspot.com/2009/03/just-because.html

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