81. Communication

My son, Ryan, communicating as only a teenager can…..I sure hope our future teenagers will know how to hold conversations as adults!  LOL



~ by Tammy on March 21, 2009.

19 Responses to “81. Communication”

  1. Not our world Tammy, I hate cell phones and that puts me at a different pole to teenagers I am afraid, so another Communication dilemma.

  2. Hi!
    They seem to be as engrossed with their cell phones as we were when we got our land phones as teenagers! Great for the theme! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  3. I saw two kids communicating with each other by textmail. They were sitting side by side. I think we’re losing the ability to communicate face to face. (Can’t decide if that’s good or bad!)

  4. A two-fer, I liked the tones in this when you posted it for the photo challenge at the forum. Perfect story.

  5. How did we ever grow up without cell phones, blackberry’s, text messaging and on and on!! Great shot and tones.

  6. I wonder if I am going to see a ton of 20something year olds with arthritis in their fingers in 30 years? I shouldn’t say anything I love texting now

  7. Nice angle and processing – it gives the shot a real “moment in time” look.

  8. When I realized that the kids actually speak a language I don’t understand, I knew that I was OLD!!

    Nice photo. I like the sepia.

  9. The colorization of this shot is very cool, Tammy! I can see it now, marriage proposals via text message. What’s next??

  10. After texting for a short while, I just pick up the phone and talk. Great shot and so perfect for the theme.

  11. Nice perspective! I also took a picture yesterday of my teen texting someone. You beat to the theme. I’ll post mine anyway because it is definitely what we mothers of teens think of.

  12. Love this shot, Tammy! Your composition and processing are wonderful.

  13. LOL…my boys and their dad do this all the time LOL It takes forever to get anything planned! Drives me nuts!

  14. I love this shot! And it will be so much fun to look back on it when, in the future, your son’s kids are communicating by mind waves!

  15. This is so PERFECT for the theme!

    I wonder if evolution will provide future generations a thumb that is better suited to operating those little tiny keys than ours are now…

  16. I love the way you used desaturation, with the general sepia tone, but the cell phone in stark B&W. Very creative and effective!

  17. I love the color processing on this photo.

  18. Really creative take on this theme! Love the photo and the processing!

  19. What a great picture, Tammy! I know I’m getting old when I don’t even want to consider learning texting. Facebook and Twitter – fine. But texting? No way. Ditto on all the great comments on the processing – it’s a winner.

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