80. Imperfect

Poor Ducky, he is sporting a red cast on his imperfect leg just like my poor Corey.  I tried to get them to pose together for the theme look alikes, but, as you can imagine, I got a GREAT BIG NOOOOOOOOOOO!!  🙂



~ by Tammy on March 20, 2009.

21 Responses to “80. Imperfect”

  1. Awe, poor little duck.

  2. Awwww. I am so surprised that your son would not want to pose with such a cute Ducky! I hope both get better soon!!

  3. OMG, Mom, get real! I can just imnagine it…I have a 16 year old daughter, and the very fact I live and breathe is embarrassing.

  4. Poor ducky….just HOW did his little leg get broken?????

  5. My ears perked up when you started feeling sorry for Ducky…glad to find it’s not my avatar!

    Great shot…love the cloeup and the angle.

  6. Poor Ducky. I can’t imagine why a teenage boy wouldn’t want to pose with a stuffed animal…can you?

  7. A photo must be really good if it makes you feel sorry for a stuffed duck.

  8. Love the picture!

  9. You didn’t REALLY think your son would agree to a shot with ducky, did you? Nice shot, by the way. And poor ducky looks so down-hearted.

  10. Poor, imperfect little duck! He looks cute but sad…nice shot against the black background.

  11. Awww. he is even playing the part well. He looks so sad, it makes me want to cheer him up and make him better. I hope they both heal quickly.

  12. Very funny Mom. Love the shot!

  13. So cute!

  14. Ooh, I`m a great fan of stuffed animals and I have a bunch of them myself. I feel a bit sorry for him, poor fellow that is with a broken leg and all.

  15. Wouldn’t you have been surprised if he agreed? Ducky looks great on the black background

  16. awwww how cute!

  17. Poor ducky – he just makes you want to reach out to give him a big hug!

  18. Nothing like a really good friend to commiserate with you when you’re ailing! 🙂

  19. That is a terrific ducky portrait, Tammy!

    Ducky looks a bit like my Hamish who has a tummy ache today….

  20. Ducky is so cute, even with a broken leg!

  21. Now I have looked through all the photos you published since I visited you last. They are all great! You are a skilled photographer. The dangerous cat is a favourite of mine and the gorilla with the teeth, the green bird, and the orchids. And this sweet poor injured bird that had to pose alone. But I understand Corey! 🙂

    All the best!

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