79. Pair

A pair of kissing lemurs, that is…


Thanks to Ron, who corrected me, these are not ocelots they are lemurs!  First time I’ve know a man to be RIGHT – then of course, out of all the men out there it had to be RON!  LOL


~ by Tammy on March 19, 2009.

23 Responses to “79. Pair”

  1. “Did you eat my piece of orange for lunch?”


    “I don’t believe you, stick our your tongue so I can check.”

  2. I don’t think the are Ocelots Tammy they look like Lemurs from Madagascar to me, Ocelots come from South America. I have been wrong before (Once) but it is a lovely photo and you were so lucky to get such a good action shot.

  3. Definitely ring-tailed lemurs. (I have two, one hanging form the light over my dining room table and one on a lamp in the living room.)

    And an excellent shot of lemurs at that.

  4. Love the effect of the background, is that a layer behind the original?

  5. Another fabulous animal shot Tammy. You really ought to work out something with your zoo, fund raising prints or something…

  6. Excellent detaill in the hair and fur. Great image.

  7. Tammy’s little response to my suggestion has the grave of the Lemur, but the Fangs and Talons of an Ocelot to back it up. Sheesh, you’d think women would have learned that Men are ALWAYS right!

  8. Tammy – the thing we gals have to do to stroke these male egos, pretending to mis-identify the creatures so they can correct us just to feel superior. We know who’s really in command here! Nice shot of the critters and their affectionate actions.

  9. Must be springtime! What a great shot!

    I’ll second Ellen’s suggestion about zoo prints. Go get ‘me!

  10. Lemurs feeling that spring is in the air. Nice picture.

  11. Ooh! Lovely photo. Still…in future, when a public admission that RON was RIGHT is involved – perhaps a PM (to us, not Ron) is in order:-)

    Sorry Ron – Just kidding?

  12. Apart from the Ocelot-Lemurs question…it´s a very cute couple!
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Nothing like a little lemur love–or face washing–in the springtime! Very nice shot, Tammy!

  14. Wow! Great!

  15. I was going to say too that the Zoo needs you on their PR staff! I just posted a leopard pick that I know you will love. Great shot of that pink tongue against their grey fur!

  16. How sweet! Great timing to get that shot.

  17. Great shot Tammy!

  18. It had to be Ron that was right…UGH!! Unbelievable shot. Wonder what they were doing!!

  19. That is adorable! Impeccible timing!

  20. did you sing ” I like to move it move it?” lol sorry couldn’t resist

  21. Completly adorable! 🙂 You where there in perfect time for this ‘kiss’ 🙂
    I love this shot!

  22. It would have been easy to pretend that Ron didn’t know what he was talking about but then STEVE had to come along and back him up. I’m pretty sure there is a guideline against that sort of thing.

    And these lemurs, if that is what they actually are, don’t look anything like Zaboomafoo. 😉

  23. Adorable little creatures. And well captured.

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