74. Windows

It was absolutely gorgeous out today so we went for a ride.  These church windows demanded some attention, they were so beautiful with the sunlight hitting them!  I did up the saturation to show off the beautiful colors….



~ by Tammy on March 14, 2009.

20 Responses to “74. Windows”

  1. Wonderful windows!Such strong colours!

  2. These are reallyl pretty! Great colors!!

  3. Why do I get the feeling that you have an eye for architectural detail, Hmm Nice church – Is it for sale by the way??? Hmmm.

  4. There is a hint of Spring in the air!! Gorgeous windows. Beautiful colors.

  5. These are great windows, and I like the colours.

  6. So pretty windows, colours are great. Good to hear you are having a sunny day today too. It does make life so much easier don’t you think. Soon time for afternoon coffee in the conservatory.

  7. Lovely colors. I’m still holding out hope the rest of the weekend will be this nice.

  8. Beautiful shot — so bright and colorful — it looks like Springtime!

  9. Great capture – the intense colors really sparkle.

  10. Beautiful windows and great shot! I love all the colors you were able to bring out in them!

  11. Beautiful! I’m glad you posted a couple different views of the windows. They sure are set off nicely by the white siding…

  12. Those are beautiful windows. Good job on the light and detail.

  13. I really like how the windows are lined up in the first photo. I love the contrast between the bright blue and the white wall.

  14. Really beautiful windows! Love the blue sky too. We used to get blue skies here in New Jersey but not so much over the last few weeks! Nice capture.

  15. Great treatment to bring out the true beauty of these windows!

  16. Beautiful! You shot them from an interesting angle that adds a lot to the shot.

  17. I like the angle you chose too, fabulous color and nice to see the lovely window head on too.

  18. Gorgeous colors!

  19. Great windows I really like the angled shot great focus and colors

  20. The windows are beautiful – I love the roof angle! Well done!

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