73. Oops

Corey finally let me take his picture with his new accessory!  He went back to school today ALL day!  Yeeeeeaaaaaa!  Now nobody is at home trying to trip me with their crutch (Oops)!


~ by Tammy on March 13, 2009.

22 Responses to “73. Oops”

  1. I think him extremely brave, letting you near him with a camera, Look how red his right leg has become, maybe an allergic reaction to the pixels. I knew this was the topic for this theme!

  2. That’s a great photo and very clever how you’ve even got the red in the shadow. Reminds me of how I spent last summer with my broken ankle in a cast!

  3. Nice lighting and selective coloring – perfect choice for the theme. Too bad Corey had to go to such lengths to help you out here! I hope he’s feeling much better.

  4. Love that red cast. Corey has my sympahty . . . and so do you, Tammy.

  5. It’s a great picture and the B&W with just the red cast (and shadow) works sooo well. Glad he’s doing ok now. Still a long frustrating time left. Don’t let him drive you too nuts.

  6. So cool Tammy, I was just thinking about Corey and wondering how he was. And wow I found your post. Glad your feeling better Corey and still helping Mom out with filling her themes. Great job both of you and if I ever get a cast you can bet its going to be a red one. I love that!

  7. Love the red cast Corey!! If you trip your mother with your crutches she won’t be able to cook for you!! Glad all is getting back to normal.

  8. I like the red too. Glad to see things moving along.

  9. I can sympathize with this, was on crutches for 6 weeks a couple of years ago. Reason – run over by a sheep (ha ha ha) while training one of my dogs, sheep are skittish and this one sheep got separated from the others and decided taking a shortcut through my knee was the best course of action. Ouch, it did hurt and crutches was not much fun either.
    Really good shot.

  10. I must say that I’m impressed with your sense of humor with all this…as well as with your technique.

  11. The red was a perfect touch for the photo.

  12. Great photo, love your treatment and the red cast.

  13. Hahahahaha! Great take on the theme.

  14. Ouch!!! Poor Corey! At least he’s smiling again. I love the treatment on this photo – the reflective floor, red cast & reflection. Great job!

  15. Well done! I love the black and white shot, with the red cast.

  16. Great photo Tammy! He doesn’t even look like he minds you taking his picture! So glad he’s up & around!!!

  17. Hey, that’s a really cool photo and a nice memento of Corey’s experience. I love the way you did the reflection. I’m so glad he’s back to school and you aren’t in as much danger of tripping over his crutches and breaking your leg….. 😉

  18. Now that’s a fashion statement! I’ve been there and I really feel for the guy!

  19. I’m happy for both of you! Great treatment of the photo, Tammy. Gotta love that red cast!

  20. Poor Corey, but great photo and I love the b/w and that you kept one piece red – I will figure out hope to do this myself now! 🙂

  21. 😦 well at least he is smiling and I love how you put the color back in his cast..

  22. Love the B&W with the red cast – does he realize how much attention he’s going to get from the girls???

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