71. Lines

Another image from our botanical gardens, once I put this on the computer I noticed the white pilars coming down which passes as “lines” – kinda a stretch, but hey, it works!



~ by Tammy on March 11, 2009.

14 Responses to “71. Lines”

  1. Hey I thought with all your spare time you would have seen the lines on the brick, too. Pretty flowers that are in a line too.

  2. lines? what lines? all I seen are pretty flowers! lol what a gorgeous colour!

  3. Lines for sure but the flowers are all you see;)

  4. To me, the ‘lines’ make for a very strong composition. Very pretty image and boy, are those flowers gorgeous.

  5. Lovely flowers. I like the tree banches peaking through the “lines” too.

  6. Sorry, Tammy. I disagree – it’s not a stretch at all! The idea is to be creative and that’s exactly what you’ve done! It would have been easy to skip over this shot or post it under flowers or pink, but instead you’ve made us examine a very interesting photo! Well done!

  7. Not so much a stretch just a gorgeous photo!! Love the colors.

  8. Like the lines and the contrast with the azaleas. Lovely shot.

  9. I like your vertical lines but the flowers steal the show. Beautiful spring-time shot!

  10. Beautiful color on the flowers & love all the lines!

  11. A beautiful picture full of great color contrasts. Fabulous.

  12. I think it works for lines and I like the way it’s anchored in the pink flowers.

  13. Ah, spring colors! I like all the lines – in the columns, the flowers all lined up, even the lines in the bricks. Nice shot!

  14. Well, stretching is what we’re supposed to be doing! Those colors make my eyes happy.

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