67. On The Water

A couple of weeks ago it was in the 60’s so my husband and I headed out to walk the dogs at the lake.  It was such a beautiful day, everyone in shorts, but there was still ice on the lake.   It was kinda funny to see everyone in their shorts and ice fishermen out on the lake.  Out near the docks (this picture) the ice was beginning to melt so there was patches of water and patches of ice, thought it made for a pretty neat photo!


~ by Tammy on March 7, 2009.

17 Responses to “67. On The Water”

  1. I was in the 60’s and it didn’t look like that, where are the hippies and other love children. It is a nice photo, but looks like after 2008 to me.

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

    I hope one day we can meet Ron face-to-face. His comment(s) is a riot!!

  3. Hmmmm – Ron, 60’s, hippies…. that’s starting to explain a few things. I like the way you framed the shot with the brush in the foreground.

  4. Ron’s comment made me laugh!

    What a great photo, this would be a nice place to spend some time!

  5. Beautiful capture.

  6. Shows how flat it is out there and how you can see the horizon. I like the color of the water.

  7. So beautiful capture! 🙂 I really like the light and the colours..
    I could spend some time here, that’s fore sure! 🙂

    Have a great evening!

  8. And then we have snow on the ground but the lakes are all thawed. Isn’t Spring just awesome?

    Those ice fisherman are braver than I.

  9. Nice colours and light! Great photo!

  10. Beautiful! I love how you’ve framed the scene with the bare trees!
    Another nice one!

  11. The ice melting on the lake gives it really dreamy look. Ncioe photo!

  12. I agree with Karen B – the photo has a nice, dreamy look with the ice. I like the focal point and the framing.

  13. Beautiful place. The water is so pretty…it looks frozen but soft. Cool effect!

  14. Nice view Tammy, love the perspective, and then there are always ROn’s comments. We should all be writing a book about him, LOL.

  15. The water looks so cool in this shot nice shot for the theme – begs for a kid to be jumping in the water when it’s warmer

  16. Wonderful color and the grasses framing it all is perfect. I love the structure on the dock.

  17. This shot make me feel very lonely – empty almost! Well captured!

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