Thanks Everyone

Wow, this group of people are the best!  Thanks for all of your concern about Corey’s broken leg!  You all are way too nice!  I am lucky to be part of this challenge, besides learning so much, I am meeting so many nice and caring people (and I even include Ron in on this one)!  🙂  Corey is home now, really sore, but improving a little every day.  I am so ready for him to go back to school, but I think it will be a least another week.  Never thought about what it would be like with a hurt and grumpy teenage boy – LOL!!  His twin brother Ryan has been really a big support to him!  It is funny how much they fight, but when it comes down to it how much they are there for each other – it is fun watching this special relationship unfold!  Again, thanks all, I appreciate each and every one of you!!  Hey, I think I am caught up on commenting – it is amazing how far behind you get in just a few days, just goes to show how many amazing photographers are out there!


~ by Tammy on March 6, 2009.

8 Responses to “Thanks Everyone”

  1. It sucks that he’s missing out on this rare Spring weather we’re getting. Hopefully we’ll see more of it soon so when he’s healed he can enjoy it.

  2. It’s a nice feeling to know that there are people out there that care about each other ESPECIALLY those we haven’t met. I think that’s pretty rare! I’m glad Corey is feeling better, please tell him I can’t wait to see more of his photos!!!

  3. Tammy, I was a little late to catch the news of Corey’s injury; I hope he continues to heal well. He’ll be in our prayers–and so will his mother who is finding her days turned upside down between worrying about him and wishing he would recover quickly!!

  4. Oh, I am glad that he is home with you again!! 🙂

  5. Hey Tammy another photo opportunity kids always write the darndest things on other kids leg cast, and keep the camera handy for when it is starting to mend, so you can get shots of him trying to scratch the itchy parts. Always look for the bright side, the are boys, they are “GOING TO” damage em selves- nature.

  6. So glad that Corey is doing good. Having been the mother of an athletic teen-aged boy, I know what you are going through, too. Best of luck to both of you.

  7. Corey will be great (and back at school!) in no-time! Maybe you should use him as a photo-prop – might make him get back to school sooner:-)

  8. Glad things are getting better each day. I bet he never wanted to go to school as badly as he does now!!

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