64. Local Landmark

This is the founder of Boys Town, Father Flanagan.  Father Flanagan founded Boys Town as a home and school for homeless, abandoned, neglected or otherwise underprivileged boys, regardless of color or creed.  Running out of space, in 1917 Father Flanagan acquired the land to build this house to home even more underpriviledged kids.  I’ve included two links, one about Father Flanagan and Boys Town history, and secondly about Boys Town today.   We need more people that care about our youth – Father Flanagan was definitly an inspiration!






~ by Tammy on March 5, 2009.

15 Responses to “64. Local Landmark”

  1. My Dad donated every year to Boys Town as long as I can remember. Good take on this theme. Wonderful organization. How’s the broken leg? I’m praying for all of you.

  2. Could also have used this for “inspiration”. What a remarkable man!

  3. Great take on the theme! 🙂
    I hope Corey is feeling better!

  4. Wow, that sure is a landmark….and a wonderful one at that!
    Hope Corey (& you) are doing better!

  5. I always like it when photographers share some history of the photo. Thanks.

  6. What a great landmark and a wonderful statue. I agree more emphasis needs to be put back into the youth and program development

  7. Thanks for the photo Tammy. My DH isn’t related to Father Flanagan, but we share his name. I took a picture of his Mom and Him in front of the street sign and in front of the house on one of her visits. It is a good thing that they do for boys and girls.

  8. Nice shot and very inspirational too. I like the way he’s anchored by the pillars on either side – in both photos.

  9. Nice bright shot. I guess I’ve watched too many old movies, he doesn’t look much like Spencer Tracy ;-). Hope Corey is doing ok.

  10. Great choice for your local landmark. Father Flanagan and Boys Town is fairly famous, as even I know of him and a bit of the history.

  11. This is so cool. My mum worked at one of the first airports in Ireland and had an autograph book in which she got some amazing autographs..including this amazing man’s. I looked online at an autograph site once and it appears it is very rare to have it.
    I treasure that autograph book…maybe I’ll make it a photo of the day one day soon when I forget to take another photo LOL
    Thanks for this post and I really hope the leg heals soon…make sure to follow all the rules for rehab!! He only get one chance to heal properly.

  12. That statue must be new since 2001? I was just looking at my pics and it isn’t there. The inside of the house is nice too. Is the giant ball of stamps still there in the Post Office? Check it out.

  13. Thanks so much for posting this information and all you do to help your children and those who need our help. Here’s a link to a new virtual tour video that we are getting ready to post. You can take a sneak peek at http://www.boystown.org/AboutUs/VisitorInfomation/Pages/VirtualTour.aspx

    Thank you,

    P.S. The Ball of Stamps is in the Visitors Center on the north end of campus.

  14. Great photos Tammy. Thanks for including the links. Very interesting.

  15. How nice to get a comment from someone from Boys Town. Great post too, Tammy.

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