63. Circle

This is the side of a church not far from my office.  Can’t help but notice the big CIRCLES!



~ by Tammy on March 3, 2009.

20 Responses to “63. Circle”

  1. What a delicious church!!!! Cool with round window!!

  2. Nice repeating pattern!

  3. Great architechtural shot and a terrific perspective for the shot, one day I will be brave enough to chop off the edges, to get just the right look, but I am not as brave as you, YET!

  4. The crosses, the blues, the circles….all make for a fab photo.

  5. This is gorgeous – the circles and the triangles, and the snow…very nice shot altogether.

  6. Beautiful photo Tammy. Great for the theme.

  7. What a great series of repeating shapes…circles, crosses, Vs…It was an elegant design to begin with; and you’ve captured it from just the right angle. Add the harmonious blues and greys with the curves of the snow on the roof, and it’s an altogether elegant portrait of the building.

  8. Nice crisp photo.

  9. A very creative shot for ‘circles’ and quite beautiful in it’s own right. There is so much to keep your attention in this image….

  10. Fantastic – I love the way the circles are rising to heaven. Nice catch.

  11. Delightful composition.

  12. I love this shot and the effect! Great eye!

  13. Fascinating how the snow by the bottom window echoes the circle theme! It’s a great image from a superb angle. Well done!

  14. Very nice – and I love the processing!

  15. Great image! With so many effects in it!
    Lovley church!

  16. A very special church! Nice shot who really shows circles!

  17. Circles it is! Great take on the theme! When I first saw it, I thought triangles, funny everyone has a different perspective.
    Nice shot!

  18. Love the way the circle pattern repeats itself here.

  19. Gorgeous photo. Really nice shot.

  20. Really nice capture. Great shot!

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