62. Neglected

This is a horse barn not far from my house (still in use), looks like it could use a good scrapping and paint job.  I can’t take credit for the picture, another one by my son, Corey.  We also played around with it in PE6 on the 2nd image and liked the result.




~ by Tammy on March 2, 2009.

17 Responses to “62. Neglected”

  1. What a great shot! I like it better without the treatment. Guess I’m a realist??

  2. Well, tell Corey that he did a wonderful job. I love the perspective and the angle of the barn. I love how the brown of the grass and the gray of the barn and the blue of the sky compliment each other.

  3. Corey….way to go! You did a great job on this! Love the sky and all the colors & textures you’ve captured! Oh and Tammy, thanks for driving him! : )

  4. The original picture has a lonely feel–I can almost hear the wind whistling about it. I love the weathered look of the second–the barn board is a perfect underlay.

  5. Your son is as talented as you are, you must be really proud.

  6. I’m not like Iona, I am not a realist, You know me Tammy. But I have to say that Corey’s shot really speaks to me in a way that the treatment doesn’t. Please clarify – Is that called Gunge, in your scrapper circles I mean. I am trying to come to grips with the concept and can imagine one or two uses for the treatment. But where is Corey’s blog site cause he has a good eye.

  7. A beutiful picture. Old tree house are so fine tell your son that he did a good job.
    An the job you did are amazing.


  8. Ooh nice texturing. Very pretty picture, looks like it’s thawing a lot faster in Omaha than it is here.

  9. Beautiful shot. Corey is a natural at photography and obviously PSE too!! Love the effects on the second photo.

  10. A great shot! And better in orginal I think;) I´m a realist too…sometimes.

  11. Both of the images are terrific. I really like the blended effect with the weathered wood, with paint daubs, too. Creative!

  12. I like them both and hey another great job Corey, you have a good eye for pictures. I like the 2nd one a lot too since it reminds me of something maybe painted on an old fence, with that antiquish styling. Well done, both of you!

  13. That’s a lovely photo, and I really like the post-pse results. Both photos, despite the neglect, feel rustic and charming.

  14. Both wonderful shots though I’m partial to the colors and authenticity in the first shot. Both well done though.

  15. Your son is going to be as talented as you! I love both the before and after!

  16. Good eye Corey! The color and perspective are fabulous. With the warm tones of both versions maybe it should be ‘benign neglect’

  17. Good eye Corey! 🙂
    I like your texture in the second shot, it look really artistic!

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