61. Swirls

Happy March first everyone!  While doing an open house I spotted a “Swirls” – I also love those colorful glass balls!



~ by Tammy on March 1, 2009.

19 Responses to “61. Swirls”

  1. Isn’t it great to be able to take photos in places you’ve never been before? I am visiting my DS and his wife. They have a lovely home and many snaps will go home with me! Lively color you have captured here….

  2. I love that the colorful balls and the metal basket they are in is fabulous – great eye

  3. Which also tend to swirl, great Eye you Have – All the better to snap you with! Great still life too.

  4. Great swirls and lovely colourful balls – beautiful take! 🙂

  5. Great shot Tammy! (I should say ANOTHER greet shot!)

  6. Gorgeous colors!

  7. Well, this was a lucky capture, wasn’t it? Everything old is new again!

  8. You know what March 1st means…April is only 30 days away and daylight savings time is next weekend!! YEA!! Oops almost forgot…nice swirls and colors.

  9. Gorgeous, Tammy – I love the clean background (a la still-life), and the swirls, too.

  10. You did great on this! I love the perspective and the non-cluttered background.

  11. Great color and perfect lighting. I love the white wall as a background, also.

  12. Just lovely, another ‘take your camera to work’ moment.

  13. Fantastic photo, lovely colorful glass balls.

  14. How considerate of them to set up that nice still life in front of that blank white wall! Great catch and perfect for the theme. Love the colors!

  15. Wonderful! Way to carry that theme list around in your head! And I’m kind of picturing how this played out at your open house…

    Tammy: And here we have an oversized living room.
    Potential clients: Do you know when they last had the fireplace cleaned?
    Tammy: I can check the….wait….OMG….SWIRLS!! Would you two mind moving just a little to the left? You’re blocking that bowl.(Snap, click)
    Tammy: OK, as I was saying about the fireplace…

    Tee hee.

  16. Gorgeous colors. Great photo


  17. Nice colours and composition!

  18. This is a great find. The swirls and the colorful balls–very nice.

  19. This photo is just perfect in so many ways – the colors and textures of the balls, the swirls on the bowl, the composition. This could be a stock photo.

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