59. Stripes

I don’t think I need to say much here…  Isn’t he a majestic cat?



~ by Tammy on February 27, 2009.

20 Responses to “59. Stripes”

  1. He looks like he gets brushed and groomed every day. Not that I’d want to have to be the groomer.

  2. You don’t say anything just stare at natures real beauties, and the depth of those eyes, what a shot.

  3. Stripes it is!! Beautiful photograph Tammy.

  4. Handsome brute!

  5. Just gorgeous. I love your processing.

  6. Yup…..majestic and striped! Great shot & great processing!

  7. I really admire your photos, once again fantastic shot.

  8. Wow! This is really a stunning shot!
    So majestic and ofc striped! 🙂

    You questioned me about how I got the effects on my shot ‘Thankful’. I played around with my Digital Photo Professional program and tested what I actually could do and it ended up like this 🙂
    I’m no expert at all – but i’m curious and in this case, it turned out great!
    I’m up to learn Photoshop CS4 for the moment.. I’m just gonna work with my patience a bit first! 😉

    Happy weekend to you!

  9. The king! Definitely!

  10. I’m so glad I found you. Your profile is anonymous, and it has no links to your blog. It never occurred to me to just go to the forum. Thank you for all the comments you have given me. I, really, appreciate the support!

    You are an amazing photographer. The processing on the cat makes him glow–awesome.

  11. Amazing and well-suited effect for this beautiful cat. Excellent image, Tammy!

  12. I say it one more time!!! WOW a really great shot. I just love it.


  13. Wow!! What have you done to make him look like this? Wonderful photo!

  14. He is simply gorgeous, and your photo really shows off his majesty. Sharp eyes, flowing fur.

  15. Great, Tammy. His eye are awesome.

  16. Such a clear shot and full of character! Gorgeous.

  17. Majestic is right – I love the directness of the shot – staring straight out at the viewer.

  18. Cool, cool effect, Tammy. Perfect for this shot.

  19. beautiful photo – I love the softness in his fur – beautiful creature

  20. You really have a gift for capturing the zoo animales. He’s beautiful!

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