57. Relaxation

This leopard was so lazy he didn’t even lift his head for me.  I would love a day of  laying around!



~ by Tammy on February 25, 2009.

18 Responses to “57. Relaxation”

  1. Somehow, the photo manages to convey the ferocity of the animal that lies under the skin even when it’s relaxing.

  2. He looks lazy and defiant, like he’s daring you to even wish he move when he doesn’t care to. Lovely photo of a very impressive critter.

  3. It’s power does come across even relaxed, the eyes are amazing. Wonderful shot!

  4. How very beautiful and I love the composition here. Have to agree that the eyes are setting boundaries. Beautiful and powerful animal.

  5. How can you be relaxed when you are THAT alert, beautiful photograph.

  6. Those eyes are boring into you, daring you to blink! Beautiful subject you found here and the lighting is great.

  7. Great capture of this beautiful animal! His eyes are incredible. I don’t think I’d turn my back on him…

  8. he’s so beautiful! wow, wow, wow!!

  9. What a wonderful capture of this big cat! Amazing eyes 🙂
    I will follow your blog for sure!

  10. He may be relaxed but his eyes look very alert. I would not feel very relaxed if I were that close.

  11. A day of R&R…how fun is that!! Another terrific capture.

  12. Just great shot after another, and another and another! What lens are you using for these??? And can I have it???

  13. A great image, Tammy. His eyes are amazing with their haughty look. Beautiful animal.

  14. Lovely picture. Like everything about it.

  15. Well if that isn’t the epitome of relaxation! Gorgeous! I wonder what he was looking at?

  16. Lovely shot of this leopard.

  17. The sharpness of the eyes is great. Wonder what she’s thinking about?

  18. His eyes really tell the whole story. Wish Our Zoo wasn’t 2 hours away. Great pictures. I could go to Durham to the Butterfly house and get some shots there. And your tiger is spectacular too.

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