56. Up On Top

This guy effortlessly climbed up on top of these ropes and then turned and smiled at me as to say “I’m ready for that picture”!  🙂  Poser!upontop


~ by Tammy on February 24, 2009.

13 Responses to “56. Up On Top”

  1. He he he, great picture. Ooh can I make a request for orangutan pictures? They are such clowns.

  2. Obviously another turned by your charms Tammy, that simian may have the spirit of Pat boone singing (You know what). Great phtograph, hopr you got a few climbing they deserve some study, to see the mastery of ropes.

  3. Great shot, Tammy. It almost looks painted. Love your choice of frame.

  4. Perfect for the theme – his just posing there waiting for you to take the shot.

  5. Great shot, great processing & love the framing!

  6. I really like the look on his face!

  7. That is great – he’s totally photogenic, and actually seems more patient than most models:-) Nice capture, and nice interpretation of the theme.

  8. I could watch these animals all day, they are so interesting. Nice catch, Tammy!

  9. A poser indeed! Lucky you, there at the right time to grab this great shot!

  10. He did pose for you! What a great shot!

  11. Love the direct eye contact. Great image.

  12. He really is smiling at you!! Great capture.

  13. Too funny! Ready for my close-up Mrs. deMille!

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