52. Clown

Clown fish that is….funny story behind this.  For Christmas my husband wanted a salt water aquarium.  Instead he bought himself a plasma tv, so, instead of the aquarium we got him a blue ray dvd of salt water aquariums.  Here is the dvd version of the “Nemo” aquarium (and by the way, I have decided that this kind of aquarium is the best, you can turn it on when you want to watch it and best of all it doesn’t need cleaned) – what more could you ask for??



~ by Tammy on February 20, 2009.

19 Responses to “52. Clown”

  1. Are you sure that isn’t a Taco shell?

  2. Ron likes fish tacos? They are popular here. But there is no mistaking Nemo. Our DGS has Nemo DVD, Nemo plate, bowl, sippy cup, fork and spoon. That is what will show up when I post his breakfast photo.

  3. Great present…no upkeep!! Love your take on this theme.

  4. LOL perfect!

  5. That sounds just like what I might do for my husband. He said he wanted a motorcycle so I got his one of those matchbox bikes. Great shot though, love those fish.

  6. Ideal solution and fun way to illustrate this theme. You’re right on the upkeep too – much easier!

  7. Funny story, Tammy. That kind of aquarium sounds great to me. Good shot.

  8. Not to mention your TV is very unlikely to leak salt water all over the place. If it does you may want to take it back to the store.

  9. LOL Cute story. Love the colors in the photo…Nice capture!

  10. LOL Cute story. Love the colors in the photo…Nice capture!

  11. LOL Great story, Tammy! I thought the fish were real unstead of reel… it’s a great aquarium, no cleaning, no fish flakes on the floor.

  12. You don’t have to suffer the great disappointment when your neglect causes all the pretty little fishies to go belly up. Excellent shot and perfect for the theme!

  13. Awesome – and very creative interpretation for the theme.

  14. I’m playing catch up on some of the blogs–including this one. What an amazing array of wonderful photos! It’s a real treat to visit yours!

  15. Very clever gift (DVD) and a great shot of same! Tough to shoot at TV screen – you’ve done well!!

  16. I’m terrified of real clowns, so I was so grateful to see your interpretation of the theme. Great photo (and bless you!) :O)

  17. Love your pictures also!
    Right now I’m working a lot and can not post comments very much.
    But I look up as much as I have time.
    It will be more time to come.
    Excuse my English, hope you understand.
    Many hugs to you!!!! =)

  18. This remind me about Nemo.
    Great picture.

  19. Playing catch up too, this looks great and a fun story. TV’s a re hard to shoot I’ve found.

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