50. Broken

While out showing houses today, I came across this old barn in back of a brand new subdivision.  Odd place for it.  Thank goodness I had my camera, I saw so much character and beauty in this old broken structure!


Here is a watercolor sketch I did of the same barn….



~ by Tammy on February 18, 2009.

20 Responses to “50. Broken”

  1. Wow – looks like a small puff of wind would collapse it – the skeletal quality is beautiful.

  2. So many of these old barns around here. You have to wonder at their stories…

    Nice shot. Love the color of the (is it wheat?) in the foreground.

  3. The golden field and the blue sky really add to the airy brokenness of the barn.

  4. One wonders how this structure is still standing…Your photo certainly conveys the sense of fragility.

  5. I normally get to see enlarged shots from Tammy so I think she is hiding something. This place is obviously a gem she has found and wants to snap up cheap, so that she can spend a couple of dollars and a little bit of elbow grease (We all know how talented she is and with all the free time she has it’d be easy)) There is something not kosher in Denmark.

  6. Ah old barns, they become something too fun to look out for driving on the highways.

    I do wonder sometimes if farmers don’t come up and just pry off a piece of wood for use with something else sometimes.

  7. Great shot! I love the colours and the sort of mystery about the place.

  8. I like the more artsy one Tammy, it shows its frailty and character, I just want to sit and paint or take pictures all day. My work shure is interfering with my fun.

  9. This is a great shot, Tammy. It looks like one could just blow on the barn and it would fall down! Very good capture!

  10. It does look as if one more storm will be all it can take. The foreground color is fantastic, as is the whole composition.

  11. Love the colors, the angles, and the perspective here. I love the processing on the second picture also.

  12. Ooohhh – I like what you did with the watercolor treatment.

  13. Lovely colors! I like those old renovating projects;) but this is probably too damaged…

  14. Wow what a beutiful picture. Really nice work with the watercolor treatment.

  15. Barns have some sort of magic to them. They have character and beauty. Your photographs reflect all of this.

  16. I love old barns! This was a great find!

  17. Great shot…good thing you got it when you did, I don’t think it’ll be there the next time you go back! sketch turned out great too!

  18. Broken but beautiful and I love your watercolor! Really nice!

  19. Beautiful photos…I too love old wooden structures..so many of these old barns are falling down …sad TFS

  20. great photo and i really love the watercolor! i have always wanted to learn how to paint or draw, but mostly i have five thumbs when it comes to it. thanks for sharing these images.

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