49. Aged…

This is my grandma and the boy’s great grandma (Bubba as they affectionately call her).  This picture was taken last month on her 85th birthday.  Since then her health has been deterating,  she is currently in a Rehab Center due to heart and kidney failure.   Even though her body is aging and beginning to fail, her mind and spirit is still “our Bubba”!  I can’t remember a day that I or the the boys have not talked to or visited her.  I remember long summer days playing “whale” with her in her horse tank as a little girl and all of the stories that she shared over time with both me and the boys about the “Old Days”.   I rememeber the day she met the boys for the first time and how her eyes lit up and how she has treated them so special since.  I can’t imagine life without her so I choose not to think about it.  We all just love and enjoy her for the time we have left – Love you Bubba!!  🙂



~ by Tammy on February 17, 2009.

23 Responses to “49. Aged…”

  1. Yes she looks more than capable of keeping the likes of you in line, tell her I will lend her a Chair and whip, if she needs it, great portrait.

  2. What a great shot, all families need grandmas like her.

  3. A really great portrait! Nice with the texture in the background.

  4. A wonderful portrait of a much-loved grandma. I lvoe the overlay you used on the photo, too.

  5. You’ve made a wonderful portrait of a very special person. I hope you are able to enjoy many more happy times together…

  6. I think this is definitely a “Keeper”. Even if you weren’t involved in this challenge. This is what it’s all about.

  7. This is just so wonderful! A sweet shot and framing. You and you boys are lucky to have and treasure her.

  8. My wishes for better days are with you and “bubba” take more shots and spend time with her, remember the stories and share in the laughter – She looks like she has such wisdom, and grace! I work in a rehab center and the best therapy is just being there for her and making her feel special and loved…the body has a remarkable way of coming around. My thoughts are with you all

  9. What a wonderful testament of love, Tammy!

  10. You are so fortunate to have your Bubba close by. Grandparents are such a treasure. A lovely portrait of a woman who obviously means so much to you and your family.

  11. How special – wonderful photo to capture your memories. Thank you for sharing your story.

  12. A tender portrait. The use of the musical score in the background is a charming touch that help to tell us more about her. I’m sorry to hear she’s not well–I hope she is able to recover.

  13. I’m sure that seeing you and your family does a lot to make life bearable for her in spite of her illnesses. Great portrait!

  14. A wonderful portrait!! I like the texture in the background!!

  15. Love your blog! you are a truely talented photographer! This is such a fantastic portrait, I’m sorry she is not doing well, it’s nice that she has people who love her so close.

  16. Each day is a new day to treasure! How wonderful that you live so nearby to be able to visit all the time and have these special times together.

  17. What a profound image Tammy! It’s soft and beautiful, no doubt like your feelings for each other. A lovely tribute!

  18. Your Bubba is lucky to have you and the boys to come and visit. My Grandparents and Dad are gone a long time now. I am working on a family tree so have been thinking about them a lot lately.

  19. What a beautiful image and a lovely tribute to someone so special. My grandmother turned 97 on Valentine’s Day and, like yours, is our family treasure. My children are adults now and so blessed to have this vital and still mentally sharp woman in their lives. I’m glad your boys get to spend daily time with their great-grandmother–such a gift!

  20. I loved your story Tammy. I went through similar things over the past few years with aging parent and grand parents. Its a great time and a hard time, you’ll be so glad you were so involved with everything later on. SHe looks like a grandmas that would give lots of hugs.

  21. Look at that face! The knowledge and wisdom there! Wonderful portrait. Sending best wishes her way!

  22. This is a great portrait, Tammy. I lost my dad this past year, and I am so thankful for every picture that I took of him.

  23. Tammy, this is a beautiful portrait of “Bubba” and will be with you forever. These memories are so special and how wonderful for all of you, but especially your boys, to be able to sit back and smile while thinking of them.

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