48. The Games We Play

This is one of the games my grandma plays with my boys at the assisted living residence she lives at.  She beats them every time!!



~ by Tammy on February 16, 2009.

10 Responses to “48. The Games We Play”

  1. Nice shot Tammy! Lots of color & I love the contrast between the darkness of the board & the lightness of the table and background. I don’t know what game it is though!

  2. Tough Game that, you would not have got much past Grandma when you were both a tad younger.

  3. Way to go, Grandma! I really like this – love the colors of the marbles against the dark board.

  4. Nice shot! I like the bright pop of color against the dark board and the neutral background.

  5. Great shot for the theme! How sweet that your boys take the time to play with your grandma.

  6. Ah Chinese marbles. That was a past time in gradeschool.

  7. I never did learn how to play that darn game! Love your shot though!

  8. Gosh I haven’t seen one of the boards in ages! The colors are lovely!

  9. I love the bright colors contrasted with the bright white.

  10. Go Grandma!!Nice composition and colors.

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