46. Heart’s Desire

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!   Hope your day is filled with love and chocolates (of course)!  🙂



~ by Tammy on February 14, 2009.

22 Responses to “46. Heart’s Desire”

  1. This photo is just lovely. It ought to be on a high-end Valentine’s Day card. I love the satiny txture of the hands against the almost grungy background; and the slightly metallic tone of the B&W is perfect.

  2. I like the coloring! And I agree–that does look like the front of a card! Nice job.

  3. Nice! Have you done this in Photoshop? I like the background…
    Hope you´ll have a Happy Valentine too!

  4. How do you do that and press the shutter release?, can you make a bunny rabbit too?

  5. Very creative, excellent shot.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Tammy! Love the background and the creative processing you did for this.

  7. Very clever – and the processing choice is brilliant. Happy V-Day!

  8. Nice picture. I like the tint and background(shirt?). Happy Valentine’s Day to you

  9. Love it!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  10. Fantastic and such a creative set up. Challenges me to consider a whole new option of photos.

  11. This is a neat photo. Nice take on the theme.

  12. Awesome, Tammy!

  13. ohh that is so creative – great shot and a happy valentines day to you!

  14. This is stunning, Tammy! Very very arty.

  15. Such a good idea and a great interpretation of the theme.

  16. Great job Tammy, a real winner. Happy valentine’s to you and your whole family (a little late, LOL)

  17. this turned out really well…love it! Very creative!

  18. Beautiful! Great idea!

  19. What a creative and beautiful photo. Very clever! Perfect for the theme. 🙂

  20. A wonderful Valentine! So creative and I love your processing!

  21. You are so creative, Tammy! I LOVE this!

  22. Very creative! Well done!

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