44. Trio

A trio of orchids.  At the gardens I fell in love with the colors in these orchids!  I want flowers outside so bad, and instead we are supposed to get 10″ of snow tomorrow – yech!!



~ by Tammy on February 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “44. Trio”

  1. Beautiful shot. The stripes add a lot of character to this already gorgeous trio.

  2. Exquisite design, staging is good great trio.

  3. Don’t remind me about the snow. After all this beautiful weather it’s sure to be pure madness on the roads as no one remember how to drive in it.

  4. What a lovely trio of pink.

  5. These are so beautiful! I love the colors – fits the theme perfectly!!

  6. Those are amazing, they really jump out of the b/g too, great job!

  7. Gorgeous focus! The fowers are SO crisp against that smoothly blurred background.

  8. Great shot, Tammy. The bokeh in the background makes diagonal lines and that is perfect.

  9. So pretty – I love the delicate lines and colors against the soft backgroung.

  10. Pretty color and contrast with dark background. I am hoping for an orchid on Saturday for Vday. So, will see if I do. The credit and coupon for the place that sells them is still on my board. DH knows were it is.

    Snow… that is why we don’t live in NE or MA anymore. But by the winds today I thought I was back out on the plains!

  11. Beautiful flowers. Love the colors.
    I got somthing for you in my blogg.


  12. Beautiful Orchids! A really crisp image. I like orchids, but they don’t seem to like it too much in our house. Too dry indoors maybe.

  13. Catching up on commenting. Love all the flower pics – especially the tulips where you dropped the stems out of the frame. The “Water” picture was inspired! I always enjoy your photos!! Hope you don’t really get all that snow!!

  14. For all of you wondering – I do not grow these at home – all of my flower shots were taken at the botanical gardens – I wish I had this much of a green thumb – LOL!

  15. So pretty, i love the colors.

  16. Nice pattern! They are beautiful!

  17. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Great job Tammy.

  18. Beautiful! Love the texture and colors and the framing!

  19. What a lovely trio!!!

  20. This is just exquisite, Tammy! I want this photo!

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