43. Closely Cropped

Here is my model,  niece Shelby, again.   I closely cropped the picture to bring more attenition to her eyes (I just love those eyes)!



~ by Tammy on February 11, 2009.

10 Responses to “43. Closely Cropped”

  1. She is so sweet and such a great model too. Beware gentlemen! …. a few years to go. LOL Great picture and closeup too.

  2. She is a little cutie and looks like she’s full of personality. I like your close crop!

  3. Nice photo – I can see why you like those eyes! Captivating! The glow of her golden hair frame the eyes nicely too.

  4. Closely cropped and lovely! Nice work!!

  5. Nice cooperative model and very cute too!! Great eyes.

  6. what a great shot!! its great that she cooperates with you my boys run the other way now when they see me coming!

  7. She has so much personality in her eyes. Precious little girl!

  8. Shes really sweet and your portrait is lovely!

  9. Those eyes are beautiful – and mischievous – and loving! She says a lot with her eyes.

  10. You’re lucky to have such willing victims …. errr … models! What a shot!

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