42. Open

This tulip was just begging for a picture, it even “opened” up for me!!



~ by Tammy on February 10, 2009.

18 Responses to “42. Open”

  1. Oh, tulips are one of my favorite flowers! Tulips are spring somehow. This red and yellow one is perfect for the theme. Lovely photo!

  2. Luscious!

  3. isn’t it amazing how almost 2 months into this challenge and props are actually posing for us now 🙂 lol – just teasing great shot

  4. Stunning picture, beautiful flower! I love this one.

  5. Another gorgeous shot, Tammy!

  6. Love the red, my favorite color. Its a great shot, the details in the petals are amazing.

  7. That flame just leaps out at a viewer. I see a couple of spring flowers putting up shoots just outside my door. I can hardly wait!

  8. Again a really great picture. Perhaps I should go out and buy me some tulips :o).


  9. A beautiful shot with that bright yellow center to the tulip and the dark shades below.

  10. Gorgeous picture. I love tulips too.

    Too bad we’re gonna lose all this nice weather really soon.

  11. I love that tulip. Where I am I have to wait another three months for the tulips to open. 😦

  12. What a beautiful flower! It’s a great shot, as was the one before it (two comments in one!). Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Lovely photo!
    Tulips are my favorite flowers!!!

  14. I love this, tulips are so wonderful especially when they blow open like this. A winner Tammy.

  15. Reminds me of my childhood – we had tulips like this when I was young. How thoughtful of this flower to open up for you just for the challenge! I like the strong red at the top, balanced by the sedate green below.

  16. What a beautiful shot of a beautiful flower! You have such a knack with flowers!!

  17. Great shot. Gorgeous colors. Pretty soon (haha) we can take our flower shots outside!!

  18. Wow! What color! Amazing!

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