38. Folk Art

These park benches are located all over Sarpy County here in Omaha to show off our “Historical” sites.




~ by Tammy on February 6, 2009.

15 Responses to “38. Folk Art”

  1. These are so fun! Great shots of something that is uniquely your town. Awesome!

  2. What fun benches. It’s great for the tourists to be able to see what is around. Nice shots.

  3. Very unusual! Well done!

  4. A whole community built on Bison (chips) it seems, love the stereoscopy Tammy cool shot.

  5. What unusual and fun benches you have. Nice shots.

  6. Very nice Tammy. I love those paintings on there. Here in Virginia in several different cities and towns they have done, dogs, cats, bee hives, cows, fish and horses, even some bulls. I will have to show the pictures of my sister’s town where she did a fish that looks like Phantom of the Opera. Called it Fintom of the Opera.

  7. What artful benches! Nice shots for this theme, Tammy.

  8. I love this — someone was really creative. Perfect for the Theme!

  9. Fun shots! They don’t look real comfy though…

  10. Fun shots and great illustration of the local envrionement. I often think back on memories of places from my past and wish I’d taken more pictures like this to help me remember.

  11. Cool bench, a little unusual!
    Fun shots!

  12. A perfect photo for folk art.

  13. These are great! They do look a little uncomfortable though!

  14. Love that bench.

  15. how cool are those !!

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